Pool Party Dress Up

Or we could just say dress down! For once we have an excuse to walk around almost naked without a care in the world. Can we actually go around not caring?

Did you know that the latest cool thing this summer is to love yourself and be super confident about your body, no matter what small adjustments you’d need? We totally go for this thinking this summer and have decided to live without a care in the world. We might secretly still have tons of worries, but won’t show them and won’t care of people look at us weirdly. (like they did when we did this photoshoot, just cos people were still cutting the grass, it was sunny but extremely cold and we were wandering up and down the lawn of the pool almost naked – a sight for sore eyes).

So, we are all cool and hippie this summer, walk around in our bathing suits and give a confident look back to all those who stare. They are only jealous! We are awesome, colourful, happy and enjoying our lives to the max, as we all should. The biggest part of our props is filled by colourful bathing suits, deux-pièce so we tan overall, latest collections or even last years’. Who says you need to have the latest, when you already have 10 other at home? We always, always leave home ready with a bathing suit underneath our short dresses and summer shirts, or nicely packed in our oversized bags.

Never forget the sun spray. Yes, go for spray, dries up faster, looks better when you put it on and you won’t leave any weird marks on your clothes. And wear it even if you just go to buy bread. Seriously, we cannot emphasize how passé burnt skin is! SPF is your new best friend! Take our word for granted with this one!

I mentioned bags above. Maybe that was an underestimation of the word bag. Gignourmous bag I wanted to say. After all, you will need your sun spray, water bottle, bathing suit, a towel, latest favourite magazine, wallet, phone and of course your chopstick. You need to hydrate those lips so you can use the crazy summer color lipsticks available on the market this summer.

Did we forget anything? Ah yes, flip-flops and find yourself a pool or a lake to jump in. ASAP!


Text: Magda Oltean

Photos: Jagoda Wisniewska

 Styling, Art Direction & Edition: Bruno Corrêa

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