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We are very excited to introduce you to our recently discovered local children clothing brand called Pandi Panda. The label created by Elena & Mariel offers well crafted, produced in Europe fashion lines for newborns and toddlers, as well as young children. We have paid a little visit to their recent pop-up store in Lausanne this month to check their products in person and learn more about how Elena & Mariel take care of the production and product selection for Pandi Panda. We can’t help but mention that all of the pieces are truly well crafted, made of beautiful high quality materials: do you know the fabrics that just asks to be touched? That’s what they use!

After talking to Mariel we learnt that all of the products are made in Europe and all the production lines are well chosen to keep the highest quality of the products with a minimum of carbon footprint. Pandi Panda has a lot to offer in their collection, from more comfy, but still cute and beautiful body pieces for newborns and toddlers, to more sophisticated, elegant and decorative dresses or coats for older children. In their collection you can find shoes, also made in Europe, as well as a small accessories line containing  hats or berets. One of their recent best sellers is a line featuring Frida – basic but with very decorative T-shirts and blouses for girls.

If you are a parent or an antie or an uncle and if you are looking for the best product for your beloved little ones in the family you should check Pandi Panda, as we are sure, you will find something great in their collection.  There are some popup stores coming up that you can visit in Lausanne during Marché de Noël on the 1st of December and during Marché de Noël in Lutry on the 9th of December to check the quality of their clothes and meet Elena and Mariel in person to find out more about their story of Pandi Panda clothing for kids.

You can follow the new collection of kids clothing on the Pandi Panda website. 

Do not miss the upcoming pop-up stores for Pandi Panda in the region:

Marché de Noël Lutry 9 December 2018
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