PANCS for different type of pancakes

If you are craving for some comfort food, pancakes sound just right to fulfil your food cravings, don’t you think ? Pancs Lausanne located right in the heart of the city centre in Bel Air, is the perfect place to stop for a nice bite during lunch time, breakfast or perhaps an afternoon snack. Still a relatively new place on the Lausanne food map, the interior of Pancs welcomes you with nice, bright modern looks and friendly staff. The place is also pretty nice to grab a quick bite and take it in the park with you. It is kept clean and tidy despite the busy rush hours.. You will eat on recyclable paper plates, so here comes a warning for those who see it as a table service place: that it is not. Pancs wants to be seen as a friendly, welcoming and modern fast-food restaurant.

With a fair amount of food and drink choices, as well as prices, we think that Pancs is a good place for a quick break! You can choose from a variety of pancakes, but they also offer crepes both sweet and savoury options. The ingredients are fresh and the fillings are very generous! Our favourite ones are the classic sweet Pancs selections; a lot of maple syrup, fresh forest fruits and whipped cream…. Mhmm. But no worries, there is a bit of everything for every taste!

PANCS LAUSANNE is located at Rue des Terreaux 4, 1003 Lausanne
Open daily 10:00 – 23:00

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