LAMIRATION was founded in Switzerland in 2009 by Michela Quadri.

Anne Glauser

Founded in 2013 , ANNE GLAUSER is a brand of ready-to-wear high-end feminine clothing.

Heavy Craft

HEAVY CRAFT studies, designs, develops and manufactures its own clothes.


BOMBOM bijoux is a Swiss brand developed in Geneva which has as inspiration sweets.


VAKETTA is a Swiss leather goods brand that certifies the high quality of its — read more


Audacy is a prêt-à-porter brand based in Switzerland by Céline Bolliger. Minimalist, plain and timeless styles — read more

LT gems

LT gems are a collection of unique pieces clothing and accessories from different corners — read more


Procopio designs are distinguished by material and united by inspiration. Each piece is a unique composition — read more