One ginger morning

We’ve been friends with treaclemoon from our trips to England. This is when we discovered it and brought home from time to time to indulge a bit longer in awesomeness. We’ve always found the name quite interesting and to be honest a bit difficult to pronounce. It is formed of two words moon, that represents a carefree world, and treacle which is syrup or sugar beet juice. Scents are pretty diverse and very awesome and full of spices and fruits. And the good news: now you can find it in Switzerland at Coop City or Manor. Treaclemoon offers a large variety of shower gels, bath gels, body and hand creams, all without parabènes and are all vegetarian.

I was the lucky one to get the opportunity to try one ginger morning and test for a full week before I came and shared our impressions here. The first reaction I had was “wow”, this colour is amazing. I got the shower gel on a very gloomy winter day and the colour popped bright in my day. I took it out and smelled it and it instantly got me back to a birthday party I had at home when I was a kid: it smelled beautifully of juices and syrups my mum prepared for the party. And the second thought I had is that it has a faint smell of coke, probably because I was never allowed coke as a kid. But then again, my shower gel I smell what I want!

While I prefer my showers and if possible baths in the evening and I can barely remember getting in and out of the shower in the morning, I took some time to enjoy showering in the morning and actually remember the experience before my thoughts ran to makeup, clothes, food, emails, calls and more emails. But hey, I did not even have to do much of an effort because the smell of the shower gel is so strong, I could not ignore it for too long and almost, almoooost started singing and being a little bit too fresh for my own good in the morning. So yep, Treaclemoon was good for me.

I have also not had any skin issues, no itchiness, as I can usually have, so another plus for this shower gel. On the minus side I felt the texture a little too dense and had a feeling I had to insist a lot for it to start foaming up. Another minus or plus for some people, is that the smell doe snot last too long on the skin, but hey my towel smells pretty awesome. It’s not too bad because I love perfumes anyway so it would not have wanted the shower gel smell to last too long on the skin.

I tried a new scent, but I will stick to my classic coconut.

Thank you Contcept PR for sending us the product to test!

Images: Jagoda Wisniewska  Text: Magda
Realised in Lausanne, 2018

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