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Les Toiles Studio: Hi Birgith! Following our No Tea No Shade article with you we wanted to catch up and ask how is it is to be managing your business, blogging and being a full-time mum at the same time? We imagine it must require some good management skills. Can you please share some tips with other mums on how to manage your time between running a business and taking care of your child?

MsBirgith: Hey! Thanks for getting back to me. Yes! Mommy B. 🙂

First, I think you need a good husband. My husband is absolutely wonderful – He spends all the nights, weekend and all his free time with him. (I could not ask anything more from him) plus EJ is an excellent kid. But yes, if you do want to have it all you need a good husband who always supports you  (also good when you happen to have a family around. But as an expat this is definitely the hardest part, as grandparents are living far away), lifts you up when you feel down and also you enjoy moments with your little one. Since children tend to grow up very fast (I can’t believe that EJ is already 1 year old and how awesome he is).

But what is my secret? First, I am so thankful that I had previous experience of taking care of children. As you know I came here to Switzerland as an au-pair and during those first years in Switzerland I met some amazing families. So I think this experience made me a lot more easy going and as I was prepared for what was coming up and how the routine is, I didn’t stress about it.

So here is another tip – if you want to have kids – take care of someone else’s kids before and you will be prepared that the next 3 years; you going to LOVE ROUTINE – Get up, eat, sleep, snack, lunch, sleep and playgrounds/ swimming pools/ shops and all the play centres are going to be your “favourite” places too! 😉

So here will be my top 5 tips :

  1. Have a good husband who will share equally all responsibilities.
  2. Get yourself a cleaning lady (believe me you need it more than a nanny in the beginning).
  3. Be soft to yourself if things will not get done by today or tomorrow, then do not punish yourself. (I used to punish myself a lot in the beginning as I thought that being late or not doing things on time is bad. Believe me, nothing is gonna happen if you do it little later)
  4. Enjoy every moment & have fun.
  5. Take rest when you need – Afternoon naps (Do it!)

Les Toiles Studio: What is the best about being a mum and a blogger at the same time?

Ms.Birgith: The best thing of being a mom is just being a mom. Before you are not a mom you do not understand the phrase “Oh you are blessed.” But now I absolutely do, what a blessing! Having a child is just something so powerful, wonderful, absolutely full of love & your way of seeing life completely changes on that point.

In fact, there is nothing better in this world than being a mom. I think all the moms who are reading it, can understand. This is a miracle.

Well, first of all I met some amazing women who have their businesses and gave so many wonderful gifts for Eli Jacob and this is the part of being a blogger that you get to meet women (men as well in fact), who are inspired by their children or anything like this and set up their own business. I am so thankful for all the gifts we have received, all the stories I have heard and hopefully I will see their business succeeding.

I am happy that I can include my Work and motherhood together.

Les Toiles Studio: In the future, are you planning to feature more baby-related articles on your blog?

MsBirgith: Very hard to say… I have been thinking of sharing my delivery story/ pregnancy story/ things I recommend for moms and etc. So far in fact I have not done any blog posts about Motherhood, Eli Jacob and etc.
I have few interesting collaborations I would like to share. But still not so sure about sharing my personal stories with it.  Maybe I should do something for the first year…
We will see 😉

Thank you Birgith for talking to us !
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