No to Getting Old?

Lately I have had a few weird thoughts. I have been doing my makeup to go out in front of the window when the sun was high up on the sky already and I got to see more than I probably should have. I could see the years going by on my face; slightly, slightly but still noticeable. Fine wrinkles around the eyes and some deeper expression ones, but there they were. I must say there were a few moments of complete panic over the next days. Every time I looked in a mirror I could only see wrinkles, gaining weight, flimsy skin and all other weird things a woman can think of. I should not even mention how tired I get lately and how I cannot handle nights out anymore! It’s the age I tell you!

I started watching a lot of YouTube channels and tried to learn more about other women going through this ageing process. It took a few days of questions; worries even. I felt like even work was getting too old for me and needed a refresh. I really didn’t learn anything useful from the million videos I watched, but one thing. I needed to do something for my mood so I changed my face creams and figured out on some plumping, anti-wrikle creams and gels to boost my mood and straighten my face.

It came at the right time, as my usual face cream has finished, so I revamped my bathroom cabinet. I had one constraint though, I needed something with as few harmful ingredients as possible ( I am in this phase where the environment, what I eat and what I put on my face have a lot of importance for me).

So Jagoda pointed me in the direction of two new discoveries for me.


During this hot summer season I had the chance to test one of the high-potency concentrates and plant stem cell serums. I had Hyaluron serum (perfect to straighten my face) that is able to bind up to 90% water once applied on the skin. It doesn’t contain alcohol, nor preserving agents and dyes. I can definitely say that my wrinkles seem finer and less visible and that can only make me happy, until I get enough time to process the constantly changing age. And what I like even more about any cream or gel product is the hydration it gives me. I pretty much grade any product by the amount of nutrition it gives me. I have dry to normal skin, but in some moments of the year, my skin is so dry, my night oils get sucked in my skin in a minute! So a big win for me!


To combine my Hyaluron gel treatment (as I pretty much forget to use it in the morning, age comes with difficulties to wake up) I had to combine it with something I remeber to use twice a day. And for as long as I remember, I have always used creams for my face, so it wasn’t that difficult to get a new cream into my routine. The everyday use cream I tested over the summer comes from Chado, a product made in Italy with Swiss origin (yaay for Swiss products). It is an 8 hours lasting moisturising face cream, that can be used as a make up base, or a make up remover, as well as hydrating mask. I pretty much sued it as a cream as I don’t use much make up during summer. It comes in a nice and simple packaging. It does not contain paraben nor silicone, so yay once more ! Some of the ingredients are vaseline, glycerin, shea butter and aloe vera, which makes it is rich in vitamin E. So pretty much all I need to feel smooth and to feel hydrated. And I can tell you, baby skin!

I can highly recommend you these two creams and take it from somebody for whom Kiehl’s and La Mer did nothing in terms of nourishing and of feeling really hydrated and comfortable in my skin. And I am not a person who uses makeup often or does anything crazy to have this additional feeling of dryness. I use an oil mask over night, I use a micellar water with oil inside (the Garnier one) and put cream twice a day. When O use make up, I use it for my particular type of skin, I don’t really tan and spend time under the sun and don’t really go in pol to avoid the chemicals as much as I can. Just mother nature. I am really curious how these products will behave on my skin during the colder months, when my skin suffers a bit more.

Discover more products from Pure Swiss Boutique.  They have for various skin types no just for raisin-looking ones!

Let me know if you tried and of these and how it was!

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