How Not To Freak Out at Lunch Time

This is a very personal subject for me. Lunch is supposed to be a time to take a break from whatever you were doing and enjoy a meal. I’m more a breakfast kinda gal but I love a good lunch to give me a boost of energy for the rest of the afternoon. Around 11 :45, I start feeling hungry  but why don’t I know what I actually want to eat ? It’s harder than it should be.

Whereas you work or you study, it’s always the same dilemma. And, nobody wants to eat a sad salad at their desk or a quick sandwich.

This is currently my main issue (besides real problems, you know). Anyways, you need to have lunch every day and it shouldn’t be a struggle but it is. So, I asked around a little bit and it seems people tend to have the same problem. I feel better now that I’m not the only one.

Since I’m not alone in this battle I knew I had to do something to save those people (and myself) from the real struggle that it is lunch.

According to a study done by some specialist (sounded serious), lunch provides you the energy needed to continue the day while keeping our blood sugar level. If our sugar level drops, then we become irritable, sluggish and it’s harder to concentrate. If you already are all of these things, maybe you should take more seriously this article. If you are not, you shoud do it too because no one likes a cranky person.

After giving it a lot of thinking and a long talk with my brain and belly, I had some deep thoughts that were interesting enough to share with you.

My most important lesson is not to freak out more than you already are because you will end up eating something you don’t really enjoy or not eating at all. I’m not sure which one is worse. Sad brain or sad body ? I hope you know my answer.

I’m sure you heard this a million times but just in case it wasn’t clear enough :

P L A N  Y O U R  M E A L S.  It’s boring, tiring and above all, how are you supposed to know what you want to eat for the next 3 days ? Trust me, I know.

Luckily for us, there are tons of meal plans out there. Very often, I use Pinterest to find meal inspirations. It offers you an infinite quantity of meal ideas for every palate. I’m sure you will find one you like.

Preparing meals at home is also a good idea to avoid this horrible situation. You can take a few hours on your day off to get some salads/dressings/proteins ready. This way, you won’t struggle about where to go because it’s already done !

Overall, I think I’m going to continue to have some struggling with this lunch situation. Meal planning can be fun but sometimes, you get tired of it and a new dilemma is borned. I have some days where I don’t want to eat what I prepared because I feel like eating something else. So, I do it. Feeling good is the main priority. If that bagel will make you happy, at least for a few minutes, eat the damn bagel and forget the cous cous salad.

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