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It’s winter ! We live in Switzerland ! This means you have to try skiing!
This is rather a special kind of sport, however practiced by many in the world. So why don’t you join the ski club? I have learnt to ski only one year ago at the age of 29, and certainly I am still in the learning process. Being blessed by the “one million” ski stations available in Switzerland I had plenty of chances to pick the best ski stations to practice. Since I am a relatively new member in the ski club, I would like to take the chance to spread the ski love with those who consider starting to learn or those who already can, and share 3 very different ski stations that are not too far away from Lausanne.


Distance from Lausanne: 50 minutes

Family time: Yes, if your kids are already experienced skiers. There are however ski schools available so if you think your little ones need some more professional advice, consider enrolling.

Adventure time: Yes, this is not a boring ski station whatsoever. You will not manage to ride on each of the slopes in one full day, unless you have super powers and a full-day energy ! You can start your adventure on the Swiss side and continue exploring on the French border.

Off-piste skiing: Yes. Champéry becomes a great off piste places in winter and there are a lot of diverse “levels” for those who are masters in off piste skiing, and those who (like me) are just starting with the off road powder. This ski station makes it a great place to discover what off piste skiing really means !

Ski slopes: 300 ski slopes including 30 black and 110 red ones! Some are open for night skiing on special days even until 21:30 ! Isn’t that amazing ?! This means your ski #funday can be longer then the traditional 9:00 – 16:30, great news !

Aprés ski: Yes, and if you are hungry and wish just to eat instead of skiing you can visit all of the 90 “sur les pistes” restaurants available. At the end, this is one of the largest international ski areas in the world !

Equipment rental: Yes, it is possible ! This ski station offers full ski equipment rentals available for you. Should you need to rent however, keep in mind the costs of your ski: #funday increases. Perhaps if you are planning on skiing a lot in the season you should check out the seasonal renting options.

Find out more about all the offers available in Champéry by visiting their website. 


Distance from Lausanne: 1 h 20 minutes

Family time: YES ! Kids with ages 8-18 are welcome to join the Les Elfes Daycamps. On top of that, this ski station offers plenty of different levels of ski slopes for all types of skiers. Everyone will find their perfect path !

Adventure time: YES! Make sure not to miss the famous classic tracks such as Paradise, Stairways to Heaven and Grand Banana.

Off-piste skiing: YES! Verbier is well-known for its off piste tracks and great snow conditions.

Ski slopes: over 400km. This gives you plenty of distance to ski around… up and down, up and down.

Apres ski: YES! For those who want to party hard (go to the famous pub Mont Fort Pub) and those who dream of a good dinner (do not forget to book a table at Rosalp).

Equipment rental: Yes. There is a possibility to rent full on set of ski equipments including boots and helmets. Travel light to reach Verbier without too many suitcases, just because you can!

Find out more about all the offers available in Verbier by visiting their website. 


Distance from Lausanne: 1 h 40 minutes

Family time: Yep, most of the slopes aren’t extremely difficult, but there aren’t many that are specifically dedicated to children. If you come with older kids they sure can easily follow you all across the ski station. There is also a small ski park if they want to go a bit crazier. This ski station is an easy one, so take your 3 year old here if you dare –  High time to learn !

Adventure time: Nah … This ski station is a “rather calm one”. So if you are enjoying the classic routes and don’t need to push your blood pressure too high up this is a ski station to go for. You will feel relaxed and might get into the Zen mind set, perfecting your ski style & technique.

Off-piste skiing: Yep, but this isn’t too crazy either. A little off-piste possibilities to follow along the slopes and keep an eye on your kids skiing.

Ski slopes: over 60km, of peace and quiet while skiing 🙂

Apres ski: Good selection of local gastronomy ! You will for sure not stay hungry for too long. Be sure not to miss the delicious Le Prilet. The portions are generous and the food is great !

Equipment rental: Yes. Local ski shops in the village run a rental service.

Find out more about all the offers available in Saint Luc by visiting their website.

Find out more about each ski station before you head off by visiting their websites.
Text & Images by Jagoda
Images by Unsplash
Information sources: MySwitzerland
Realised in January 2018

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