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Have you ever wanted to give a new life to and old pair of shoes you love or to those hidden in the closet that you didn’t use as much as you thought you would? I did, and maybe you did too and if not, maybe now you will change your mind about it. Recently, during an event we discovered the work of Shoes Patina and we were very much impressed by them and the crazy shoes they were exposing. After the event, we decided to visit them and get to know more about the transformation process of a pair of shoes.

Nilton & Brian, are the ones behind this business, two friends that were reforming shoes at their places and then decided to take a bigger leap and have their place and live from it. We talked to Nilton at their store in the common Foond space in Geneva. Over coffee and shoes, Nilton told us he did a formation in bank accounting very far away from the shoes world. Later, his friend and now partner taught him how to work on shoes and he then became addicted to the craft and decided to live a more artistic life.

Shoes Patina mainly work with leather goodies from shoes, as their name says, to bags, coats, belts and all. And recently, they started pimping up some sneakers too, weather its leather made or not, but the material will influence the level of changing because many transformations start with scraping and some materials do not allow it.

Dark colors are a bit harder to work on as well, but they have done some incredible jobs in dark shoes. During our time there, Nilton showed us how to make your social shoes really shiny, this technic called “glaçage” – in French (like the one for cake!) – consists of the right amount of wax and water applied many times until the desired result is reached.

There many options of treatments and colors. Normally a transformation takes between 5 to 7 days depending on different factors. The range of price is fair considering they use really good products and all their treatments are really durable and paintings are permanent.

One of the show pieces he showed us was this Astro Boy themed man-shoes that they created to showcase the many possibilities you have with them. Nilton confesses that although he likes to create he prefers when clients arrive with an idea or direction to their projects because after all, “taste” is something really personal and shoes are for walking not to be hidden on the closet!

So, how do you feel about revamping your kicks now? Don’t hesitate to take a look at Shoes Patina, even if it’s only to get inspired by them.

Text and edition: Bruno Corrêa

Photos: Jagoda Wisniewska

Thank you Shoespatina

Realised in Geneva the 6th June 2017

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