In the music studio with Sei Yun

I first saw Sei-Yun during a shoot we have prepared in collaboration with a make-up artist in Geneva. She was a model and shot for a campaign for one of our designer friends from Switzerland. She was wearing minimalistic make-up and clothes and had to pose in strange positions that seemed almost broken. She looked beautiful, she was extremely professional, and even though the shoot lasted a good day, she has never complained, always did her job perfectly and the results in the end were excellent. Since then, I have followed her career closely, and I have met her at various fashion events in Geneva and saw her in different shoots online. Used to seeing her in many projects, I once discovered she was pregnant and after having the baby, her comeback was even more remarkable than her career. She came back looking more beautiful, more fulfilled and she has also started singing and playing the piano. This was, what I was about to discover later, not a new hobby, but a vocation.

Reason for which, we discussed recently with Sei-Yun and asked her to tell us all about her new musical career. Here is all we have discovered, and we must say, we are perfectly in love with her voice & the recording studio!

Les Toiles Studio: Hi Sei-Yun! We know you have been working as a model for quite some time now, but when did your music career start as well?

Sei-Yun: Hi Les Toiles Studio! First of all, I would like to thank you very much for your interest in my music, and for this great opportunity for an interview.

I actually started music before modelling. I can’t really tell you when exactly I started the music career. My music journey began with the Conservatoire de Musique de Genève at the age of 9 with a dream of becoming a pianist. After having received my diploma in nine years of study, I went to Poland to refine the skills. But I realized very quickly that I was so far behind, that I decided to drop it. Then, it was time for me to do something else about my life, so I started the courses in university. One of my friends told me that she was going to do a casting for an amateur musical group. I was always fascinated by the musicals, but I didn’t want to get involved too much, as I wanted to focus on the studies. But they were looking for understudies. So I thought “why not”, and jumped into the group.

After about five years of musicals, I started to have other priorities, and, one thing led to another, a group of friends and I started to work on an acoustic band in Annecy. Because of the distance and the rehearsals time, we realized it was going to be difficult to keep up with it. Then, that’s when I started with the modelling, from mid-2011 until mid-2014, when I was pregnant. After having our child, it was hard for us to organize the logistics for the baby care. So it was getting harder for me to have modelling jobs. But I still needed to keep up with the artistic side.  I went to some jams, met wonderful people, and wanted to sing with the onsite groups. But the songs that I knew, they didn’t know, and vice-versa. So I decided to try accompanying myself with my piano. While I was messing around with my piano, I started to discover that I was capable of writing music and lyrics. That’s how I started to be exposed as a songwriter and singer.

Les Toiles Studio: Does one career help the other?

Sei-Yun: Well, it doesn’t really help one from the other. When I’m modelling, I’m playing a role. When I’m singing, it’s more being myself.

Les Toiles Studio: What are your music heroes? Your old-time taste shapers?

Sei-Yun: That’s a tough one. I don’t have a precise music hero. It changes all the time, at any time, depending on my mood, on the period of my life. I could easily listen to one song for days and weeks, just because I like the song (not necessarily related to the artist).

Les Toiles Studio: What can we find on your Spotify playlist now?
Sei-Yun: For the moment, you can find my two singles: “Forever, I swear” and “Release Lies”. Hopefully, you’ll find more by this summer.

Les Toiles Studio: What’s your favourite song now?
Sei-Yun: “You found me” from The Fray.

Les Toiles Studio: Who would you sing in duet with and why?
Sei-Yun: That’s also a tough question JI never really thought about that question…

Les Toiles Studio: What is the best about working in a music studio? Can you tell us a bit more about the process of recording a new track?

Sei-Yun: The great side of working in a music studio is that I can exchange the ideas directly with the sound engineer and move forward, instead of just imagining the structure of the music. I’m also lucky that Julien Michel, the sound engineer of Tortion. studio, understands my music pretty well and knows what I want.

I record the piano parts from home, and then send the files to Julien so that he can work on it. If we need to add some additional instrumental tracks, we meet up and work together on it. Then, we record the vocal part. It’s not always the same order, but that’s pretty much how it goes.


Les Toiles Studio: Tell us a little bit about your biggest achievements so far?

Sei-Yun: Thankfully, I have a lot of big achievements in my life! In my private life, it’s having my own little family and having my husband giving me full support in my projects (as long as I don’t compromise my health :).

In the modelling, one of them was a project for the Heart for India Foundation. I organized a photoshoot with a lot of support from the photographer, mua and hairstylist to promote their foundation. And the other one was being on the cover of the magazine Beauté Information. In the music career, the finalization of my EP will probably be my biggest achievement in the near future.

Les Toiles Studio: What are your dreams regarding your music career or modelling and what do you wish the future brings?

Sei-Yun: As a model, I have achieved pretty much everything I wanted to do. I am always happy to discover new projects as long as they are serious and well organised. As a musician, it would be great being able to perform my songs during big events (fashion shows, sport, gala, etc). I don’t think too much about the future. First, I want to finish recording my EP, have an awesome showcase, and then, we will see what happens.


Les Toiles Studio: Where can people discover your music? Concerts, playlists, radio charts, websites?
Sei-Yun: They can follow mainly on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud for my own songs, and on my YouTube channel for acoustic covers. Otherwise, you can also follow me on my Facebook page and on Instagram. I will be having a showcase of my EP in an amazing bar in Geneva, probably in September. The date will be announced on my social media. I hope to see you all there!

Thank you Sei-Yun for meeting with us !

Text: Magda Oltean
Photographs: Jagoda Wisniewska
Realised in Geneva, March 2018

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