Mushroom Dome Cabin – visit to Airbnb’s #1 destination

One of Airbnb’s most unique accommodation places to stay at is called the Mushroom Dome Cabin and is located in the home of Airbnb itself – California. In fact this listing is #1 on Airbnb and the host herself holds the Airbnb award for the Super Host for quite some time.

In about 1,5 hours drive down South from the city of San Francisco (the birth place of Airbnb) you can stay at the Mushroom-like shaped wood cabin, located in the beautiful woods near the city of Aptos CA. What makes this little cabin so unique are its unusual shape and the location, but most of all is the hospitality and personality of the two hosts: Kitty and Michael. Their Cabin is located near their own house on the large land they own and is surrounded by greenery and honeycomb birds living nearby. If you are looking for unusual places to stay in, this cabin would be a great choice; one that you will not regret.

Inside of the cabin you can find everything you need including a kitchen annex, compostable toilet, shower with hot water, a living space with a comfy sofa and of course the bedroom. Kitty as a Super Host provides you with the detailed history of this cabin and the region. She offers the warmest welcome in the world and her bright personality is just very comforting and relaxing.

There is plenty of relaxation around the cabin. Your mobile phone might not work, but the chill out music albums that you can find inside the cabin will do good to your soul and you will not miss any phone calls. The interior of the cabin is cosy and kept neat and clean. You will feel the spirit of the times it was constructed in, with a fresh additional decoration. The wooden interior makes you feel at home and very relaxed.

The greatest thing about staying in the cabin is the most comfortable bed you can imagine. You will sleep like a baby, and wake up fully relaxed, stretched and rested. Kitty offers fresh goat milk for breakfast, as she and her husband run small farm of goats at the property. You can also meet a friendly cat and a little dog as you walk around the cabin. All the natural greenery, flowers and trees that surround the cabin will bring your good mood levels up! The most exciting and beautiful surprise you will experience are the amazing honeycomb birds. I will not tell you more about how you can spot them, but it is an unforgettable experience !

Next time you are visiting California, beside all the top places to see and visit, stop by Kitty’s and Michael’s Mushroom Dome Cabin, because this is going to be one of the most memorable experiences you can imagine. Be sure, however to book ahead, as the waiting list for the the cabin is … very long. In the most popular summer months you need to reserve up to 9 months ahead! Well, let me tell you that it is worth to plan your visit and get to stay at this greatest wooden mushroom cabin!

Check out and book your stay at Mushroom Dome Cabin
Text & edition: Jagoda
Photographs: Jagoda / Airbnb source listing
Realised in November 2017.

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