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I usually travel a lot, either for work when I visit our office in Romania, or just for pleasure, and I get to see a lot of museums. And after living in Lausanne for almost 10 years now, I still haven’t seen all the museums and I feel I’ve ignored this part of my town a bit. So here I am revisiting museums in my town as well, and I am here to introduce you to the first two on my list. Actually one of them was a first time visit, so I am pretty happy to show you as well.

MUDAC Lausanne

Contrary to all you could imagine, it was my first time in MUDAC (Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts). I went on a first Saturday of the month as I’ve decided pretty rash to do a bit of Lausanne sightseeing on the day, and discovered every Saturday of the month museums are free! Which is pretty awesome as everybody can get the chance to visit our small, but cool museums. I found the museum a bit empty at 4pm when I was visiting but at least it gave me the chance to enjoy in peace.

MUDAC has a temporary exhibition about Bauhaus which was quite interesting. It is located on a pretty old building near the Cathedral and the views outside are pretty awesome. It’s on various floors and I must say the basement part was pretty crazy and unexpected: low ceilings, super dark and mouldy smelling, it gave the Egyptian exhibition a really interesting air.


The second museum I visited was the history museum in Lausanne, as it’s just next to MUDAC so it made a lot of sense. It wasn’t my first time visiting, however I have seen the museum before and recently after it has been renovated and I must say, the new museum is really worth a visit. They’ve done a really great job showcasing the objects and what I love the most is that they made the most of the old building in which the museum is located and have really used the place in an awesome way. You can visit the museum at your own pace, there are a few stairs to go up and down, and various hidden rooms and corner to discover. These bare witness of so many interesting stories about Lausanne.

You should not miss the short video about Lausanne’s history. The stories are pretty interesting and you get to feel so much closed to Lausanne and the part one actively takes in the development of the city. It’s a bit of a pity it is only in French, they should at least have subtitles for the movie.


Museums, especially on the first Saturday of each month, are a pretty inexpensive way to spend a colder afternoon and I recommend you all to visit museums in your home town to learn more about the history and the beauty of your cities! I am thinking about which ones to see next. And even if I have seen the museums, the exhibitions change regularly so you always get to discover other cool places.

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