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Just last Monday we have talked about the 13th edition of Mode Suisse that took place in Zurich. Well we have been there and managed to experience the heights of the Swiss fashion world. We are now happy to share with you what we saw and what surprised us. Get ready for a stream of visual fashion pleasures and discover your favourite Swiss fashion designers through our eyes.


Great use of colours and styling by After Work Studio. Their collection was coherent and vibrant, a mix of bold statement pieces with graphical use of fabrics and a bright colour palette.  On the other side there were some more toned pieces for those who prefare whites. This collection could be described as twisted with a great use of femininity and power.


We absolutely loved the well-crafted coats and jackets by Garnison. This collection dedicated to men shinned with craft skills represented in each pieces. Our number one favourite was the light green coat ! An extra special thumbs up goes to the great selection of their runways models who looked stunning in the pieces they worn.


This one was beautiful and poetic. Very feminine also, but it has kept a strong sense of style and power. The long dresses were our favourite pieces in the collection, especially the one with a see-through bottom. Long and heavy, but at the same time extremely airy and feminine just the way we love it. As for the music that accompanied this show – top choice !


This collection stands out by the cool use of contradicting fabrics. Weer put together wool and leathers, styled it in a vintage like look. It has also brought up a punk like attitude, visible in some pieces. Our favourite ones were the red combo and the long coat with cut out sides. We think this collection wouldn’t do without those two pieces.


With this great use of ethic elements Rafael Kouto managed to combine the so cold traditional rural elements with the modern bold attitudes. One could call this collection a bit costumes-like, but what we can’t take away from this collection are the accessories ! Absolutely great long, painted scarves and bold use of graphic elements on the fabrics. And it is the accessories that have really added something special to this collection.

LYN Lingerie 

Presented on really stunning models, whose beauty was shining on the runway, this lingerie collection by LYN Lingerie mixed modern cuts with elegance inspired by the classics. A true romance! We were not the biggest fun of the purple elements of the pieces, but somehow when placed together on a runway it made some visual sense. The styling of hair and make up was also great, but the winning element was the selection of the music that accompanied the show.


Collection by Mikael Vilchez and Victor Prieux from HEAD Geneve stood out with their use of fabrics, heavy jeans and long coats. What caught our attention was the use of accessories to style the looks, perfectly representing the modern city human: yoga matt, shopping bags.


One could say this collection could be based around two words: vintage & now. We loved the use of latex and fake leather. The one piece which was a very long hoodie / dress worn by the male model was outstanding. We could notice a play game with double or triple caps that were often boldly contrasting with long evening dresses. As for the show itself, we found the music a bit too loud and noticed some of other people on the audience were covering their ears…


The closing of the show was done by a collection by Julia Heuer with crazy furry shoes which added the extra element to beautiful and rather calm dresses. We loved the colours which were used in this collection and the folded fabrics applied on the dresses. Our favourite one was the white costume in two pieces ! Just stunning !


After the runway show, guests were invited to get more familiar with the brands in the specially prepared exhibition showroom. You could once again see the collection and beyond. It was presented on models in a special set up prepared across a few big rooms. Here guests could also have a chat with the designers, ask them questions about their work and eventually purchase some of the pieces from their collections. At the end of the second room there was a bar with snacks and refreshments.

Find out more about Mode Suisse by visiting their website ! Get ready for the next year’s edition.
Images & text: Jagoda
Runway images: Mode Suisse Media 
Realised in Zurich, February 2018.

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