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Last week I returned from one of my regular trips to Romania and for once I landed at a regular hour, sometimes around 5 pm. So I’ve decided to go out to grab a quick dinner. During my two weeks in Romania I discovered online a new place in town and I was ecstatic. I am always happy when new food places open in Lausanne, even more so if these are more diverse. Seeing so many good reviews online, I went for dinner at Mexicana Lausanne, to try the new Mexican place in town.

Location is pretty good, as it is situated on Rue Centrale so pretty much in the heart of the city and as I live downtown, it was pretty convenient for me. It took a few minutes for me to discover where it was exactly, as the Centrale name was a bit more overpowering and the sun was not helping. The take away is situated inside the well known Le Centrale restaurant.

But here I am!

It looks pretty cool inside, very homemade and it makes one feel quite welcoming. We were welcomed by the staff and they quickly explained to us the concept. You basically get to choose how many tacos you want (they also have a menu option if you want a sort of full menu with 4 tacos, nachos and guacamole). They prepare the tacos for you and you start adding the extras you want: onion, tomatoes, coriander and sauces. They have beef, pork, chicken and veggies tacos, so there is a little bit for everyone.

Once the order was placed (I took a menu with a taco of each meat and one veggie) and a soft drink. It arrived pretty quickly. Mexicana Lausanne’s speciality is their homemade tortilla. I must say I have really enjoyed its freshness and it tasted quite good. I can easily see myself eating it plain! (I know, I know) So here I went into preparing my tacos! I must say this aspect was not something I enjoyed. First of all because I wasn’t very sure what I should add in and secondly because I much rather prefer a well made taco they sell as yummy and for me to enjoy that. I took a stab at preparing each taco differently and I must say I wasn’t always very happy with my design. A third aspect for which I didn’t really enjoy this, was that some of the people ate right next to the sides area and I could not really reach them when I needed and had to wait. (yep, I was really, really impatient hungry)

Once my tacos got their spice and onion, they were quickly gone! I feel I have never eaten so fast. Oh and I ordered again two more tacos:) Ooops Ooops! I must have been hungry after the trip or maybe I just eat too much for my own good, but at that moment 4 tacos were not enough.

I am pretty happy for this updated Mexican cuisine on the Lausanne scene, but I am still looking forward to more choice of Mexican food in Lausanne and why not a place where I can eat slower and enjoy my food with my friends. How about a bigger place Mexicana? Hope you’re planning something soon!

You can follow Mexican on Facebook, Instagram or their website or you can just go and grab some tacos!

Text & photographs: Magda Oltean
Realised in Lausanne, April 2018

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