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More then halfway into the month of July we are here to share our top choices for making your grocery shopping great again! By this we want to encourage you to fully break up with plastic one-use bags, as well as to say gradually no to single-use paper bags: #noplasticjuly. There are some simple and fancy ways to help you making your grocery shopping great again in style !


One of our favourite Swiss made bags is the one produced by Freitag. Not much introduction is needed as this brand is well known to our Swiss-based readers. The grocery bag we have selected from Freitag is the E002 WEISZ Shopper bag, that also comes in 2 other colourSZ. 🙂 This comes as a little bit of investment, but it is truly worth the cause. This bag can make any grocery shopping great again !


This newly created Polish brand Siatka na 100 procent (translates: 100% Bag) offers hand-made shopping bags made out of cotton and jute. They can hold up to 15kg of your shopping goodies. Come in different colours as well. We think this is a very stylish way to break up with plastic and one-use paper bags. To get one for yourself just drop them an email.

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