Looking for unique clothes? Concept stores are for you…..

They’re chic, they’re fancy, they’re fresh, can be found in all major cities and go by a very lovable name “concept store”. Unlike traditional or online stores, the concept stores create an unique experience that cannot be recreated anywhere; not even from one concept store to the next. The stores themselves are very beautifully designed and often tell a story through their setting, the ambience and collection of items they carry.

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The clothes in concept stores are usually so personally selected with a lot of love to fit very individual and specific needs. Mostly, they are geared to accommodate just a particular target audience; one either really loves it, or it’s just not for you. But if you are open minded to discovering and trying out new fashion, you would not be disappointed.

The thing I find most admirable thing about concept stores is that they usually source their designs from local upcoming designers and artists so their products are usually very unique, high quality items that are still very affordable. One could find a very unique handmade dress then stumble upon a handcrafted bracelet from a different designer that complements it so well. Possibilities are endless.

The other great thing is that such stores do not only carry clothing but also a whole range of other products: from jewelry and cosmetics to food and flowers, music, books, and paintings. They’re somewhat the one stop shop where you get everything you need.

Some concept stores can be adorably small in size, so one is able to see everything a lot easier. There are others that are quite big. It all depends on the products they offer.  Even if they are, you will never live the torture one endures going through endless floors perusing through heaps and heaps of clothes in mainstream department stores in a concept store. Concept Stores are all about experience and they make sure you have a good one.

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The mood in concept stores is also usually very chill, the staff is a lot friendlier and on many occasions you even get offered some drinks and snacks as you shop and listen to your favorite music.

The homely personalized feeling one experiences, the exclusivity and wide range of the products topped by the chic ambience make concept stores unbeatable.

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