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I still remember this round, slightly brownish, made of plastic face of my beloved childhood doll named Agatha. She had hair made out of pink wool and the rest of her body was made out of fabric stuffed with cotton. Classic, but perhaps a scary doll nowadays. I really felt she has a soul and I can say it out loud: she meant a lot for me. Oh Agatha – what happened to you?

While scrolling Instagram I came across Atelier Maurice with a fresh feed with photographs of different mascots. This immediately reminded me of my childhood toys, teddy bears and other puppets. So here we are, finding out more about the work of Ludivine, who creates those unique toys in Atelier Maurice.

Les Toiles Studio: Hello Ludivine! Can you tell us what do you do in Atelier Maurice and how did you start it?

Atelier Maurice: Bonjour!! In my studio I give life to comforters that I imagine, design and sew. I started this adventure less than a year ago. Many friends of mine were pregnant and I was looking for a gift with an extra soul for their newborn kids. After looking around and being not really convinced by what I found on the marketplace, the idea to create them began to grow in my mind. I had lots of fun with that and as reactions were really positive I decided to launch the “Atelier Maurice”. My main goal was to create while having fun. This is the key of the adventure and I sincerely hope that it will remain so.

Les Toiles Studio: What makes these dolls and puppets special?

Atelier Maurice: I hope they are special, but for sure they are unique. Each doll is only made once and usually tailormade or in a small quantity for a concept store for example. They can be customized (color, fabric, size, details, name) and that is what makes them unique.

Les Toiles Studio: Where do you find inspiration for creating the characters, as each of the mascots is different and looks like no other?

Atelier Maurice: I’m trying to follow a guideline/direction while having the liberty of creating and rethinking each cuddly toy at every time because I want them to get a stylistic link while having the opportunity to start from nothing. I think that inspiration comes through several sources. With my job, I’m a scout product, I’m spread through this continuous flow of pictures, products, materials and shapes. For the atelier I’m mainly aware of fabrics and their touch, as well as colors.

Les Toiles Studio: What is the perfect gift out of your collection for a boy?

Atelier Maurice: Personally, I like the fox which can be as much for a boy as for a girl. All models can be both, colors and the length of eyelashes especially change the nature of the character. Apart from the dolls which have of course a girly connotation, animals are equally suitable for both.

Les Toiles Studio: What was your favourite toy when you were a child? Can you describe it and tell us why did you love it?

Atelier Maurice: Of course, I used to style Barbie’s hair and dress them up during my childhood, but if I had to remember something special, it would be my yellow crane. I loved playing outside and I could spend hours with my engine on my sandpit. Stereotypes will just have to watch out. 😉

Les Toiles Studio: Have you met any people afraid of dolls? How do you cure their fear?

Atelier Maurice: No, never. I think this is a real phobia and that it is a psychological trouble which must be treated by an appropriate person. Nevertheless, I would talk with them and would maybe create for them a special doll to face their fear.

Les Toiles Studio: Where can we find your creations in Switzerland? Can you refer us to any stores or websites or what is the best way to order one?

Atelier Maurice: At the moment my creations are available on demand by email at l.atelier.maurice@gmail.com or on the Instagram account,  you can also find some pieces on www.ialoo.ch and a small collection is being created and will be soon in store. So please stay tuned!

Thank you Ludivine for talking with us!

You can follow Atelier Maurice Instagram.
Text & edition: Jagoda
Images original source.
Realised in Lausanne, March 2018

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