01---Moonwalk-Trinidad---LeTom-Straw-Cap---Front-Right-Side---croppedLeTom came to life when its founder has found himself without the possibility to find on the market an appealing straw hat. Since then, the brand raised a high audience.

The company’s core business includes the design and development of LeTom products, as well as their production and worldwide distribution. Since 2009, this has increased simultaneously to the broadening of the LeTom product range. Accessories made of straw: wallets, beach mats and protective cases for smart phones extend the wide range of caps and hats. LeTom lives by the philosophy to dress in a contemporary and stylish way. Each model is an expression of impeccable craftsmanship and elegant design. Here tradition interconnects with modernity, style with straw and zeitgeist with culture.

You can find all the available items here.

LeTom-003    LeTom -032 LeTom -053   LeTom -071

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