What to do in Lausanne to cheer up the winter days?

Let’s face it, even if you are a winter lover, sometimes it can be too long. I mean, if it’s cold and sunny you will still feel like doing a lot of things, but when is really grey and windy and you are in January and you think that you still have 3 months of this, things risk to get a bit depressing. With that in mind, we decided to come up with some ideas or guilty pleasures that help us through the hard times of the winter, let’s hope it will help you cheer up a bit.

Ice Skating:

It’s cheap, fun and well located. A nice way to warm up as well and an even better to have fun with friends or your own. After sports, you can have a glass of wine and just live the season at its best.

SPA Treatment:

Lausanne is full of SPAs in nice hotels or on the outskirts of the town. It’s a way for you to relax. To treat yourself, to hydrate the skin that is suffering from the weather and a very nice way to forget the grey outside. Treat yourself and start already planning your summer body?


January & February are well known for the sales! What’s best than some shopping therapy? It’s indoors, warm and you have all the time to search for that piece that will make you forget about the cold.


What’s best in winter than to brunch your life away? No, seriously? Now we have so many nice options in Lausanne, so many menus to explore and discover. Indulge. If you are one that likes to plan and host, you should invite your friends over and make a day-long brunch with drinks of course and nice music… Who cares about the weather now?

Cruises at the lake:

The cruises are still on during winter and it’s a nice opportunity to have some wine, heavy food and just enjoy, even if it’s grey outside, it’s still really worth it.

Organize your life:
Winter is the perfect time to organize your papers, your house, your life. As we tend to stay more indoors, don’t be afraid to explore and do some detox – it’s a secret pleasure of mine, but I must say that I pair it with drinks and nice music.


Lausanne is not big, but has many museums. They are not huge either, so you can kind of have a museum crawl and in the middle you stop and have a nice cup of coffee. Inspire yourself!

Binge watch:

This is the right time to do it! Catch up with series you always wanted, watch movies, go to movies, re-watch favourite series, no guilty, only pleasure.

Spend time with the ones you love:

Sometimes we forget, but winter is good to stay in, chat, play board games, cook, make dinner for your friends and family and so on. There’s more than barbecue to life people. Let’s stay close to our beloved ones and have some quality time away from electronic devices and so on.

Winter can be long and tiring but it’s a very beautiful season, just soak it in, stop complaining and enjoy it, it will grow on you and before you notice it’s summer again.

Pics by: Unsplash Free Bank

Text & Edition: Bruno Corrêa

Realised in Lausanne, November 2017

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