A perfumed story with Lanxel

As you probably got used to it by now, we are presenting you yet another natural product produced in Geneva, a more perfumed one this time: the awesome candles by Lanxel. All Lanxel products are handmade in their shop in Geneva and follow a Scandinavian philosophy implemented with Swiss precision. What more do you need from a product that supports the local economy, smells wonderful and combines natural ingredients? If you need more: most of the containers are recyclable.

The world is trying to become more conscious and people tend to be more aware of the products they buy. Even if consumerism is still high on the rise, we can see a small shift in people’s perception and a need to sort a guilty conscious. So people tend to think twice about what products they purchase. They tend to read the labels a bit more and inform themselves, which is great.

Lanxel is here to sort out this guilty conscious and offer you a little bit of luxury that is produced, designed and sourced locally, with sustainability and ethics in mind.

Lanxel scents are developed with the help of a perfumer and are a combination of essential oils and aroma compounds. The wax is made 100% of rain forest safe soya and rapeseed oil. Both of these can be replaced at a high rate to keep up with consumption. And if you need more, wax does not stain. The candles burn cleaner and are not tested on animals. Perfect for vegans, no pesticides and are recyclable!

I would think that I have convinced you of these awesome candles. We lit them in the office all the time since we discovered the brand last year and we can tell you, we are definitely in love.

We are giving away a divine candle from the Phibio and Lanxel collaboration! Follow our Instagram in a week to find out more!

Images: Lanxel Media Pics
Text: Magda

Realised in Lausanne, 2018

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