In search for the perfect one-piece

Who says that middle of July is a bad time to look into one-piece swimwear? Oh, is it too late ? Nah…
It is yet another chance to share with you our subjective choice of really beautiful costumes that come in one-piece. Luckily for many of us this glorious invention is back in trends and we are very happy about it. Have a look at a few selections we have picked!


Made in Barcelona, it is the brand representing the new wave of Spanish fashion and design world: Paloma Wool. With beautiful and edgy styling, as well as fresh communication, Paloma Wool is here to please with comfortable and poetic clothing, including swimwear. The two pieces below are our favourite ones. Unfortunately one is sold out, so this is going to be a “dream goes by” for us. Still, we wanted to share the beautiful design of this swimwear. The other from our choice is a one piece swimming costume in a lovely light brown colour. Both of Paloma Wool one-piece swimming costumes that we love have great cuts that shape the body lines so well! Oh and the snake patterns ! We can’t even!


This is an Italian brand run by Daria Stankiewicz. Lido presents the best of one-piece costumes with the Italian vibes of dolce vita. Our favourites are the dark blue one-piece with a clean and symmetric cut on the back. It covers up the neckline but the back cut is going crazy! Absolutely neat and classic. Another one is the green one-piece costume, here with a small v-neck and a really good colour too. And also an extra one that comes in classic red colour, why not !


The one-piece from the BodyMaps brand we have gone for comes in nude colour. What makes it special is the unique shapes and cuts this swimsuit offers. It has a very chic look and vintage feel, but it is designed for the TODAY type of woman. This one has a deep V-neckline cut and two big strip-over back. Another one we selected for the beautiful patterns, also comes in the nude palette and it has a covered front and back. There is plenty of choice of colours and patterns for the one-pieces from BodyMaps.

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