Hen parties: Say Bye to Willy Corkage

Your best friend is getting married. This is exciting! But she is not into any marriage related classic versions of celebrations whatsoever. In fact she literally hates weddings and so she starts to call her own wedding day – a summer party. OK, to make a long story short you still need to throw her a “hen’s party” aka “bachelorette party” aka “we get drunk in a female way” party. It wouldn’t be the most difficult task if she indeed liked to dress up, wear high heels and drink straight from the bottle that she previously opened with a bottle opener in a shape of a willy. Your friend is faaaaaar away from this version. She is into cats and zero waste life, restricted to Chinese Medicine diet and loves to do gardening. Not an easy target to satisfy when it comes to “hen parties” and we are not talking about chickens (which she would probably love to pet).

You love your friend and you think she deserves some kind of celebration to mark that important decision she just made, which is to marry her boyfriend. You love your friend and you amongst others who also love your best friend girlfriends have commonly decided to organise something for this occasion. Something… but what is it?

Scratching our heads for hours we finally came up with a list of ideas for an activity weekend that won’t hurt our bride to be feelings, beliefs and lifestyle points. In this wedding season I think it will be useful to share our list in case you also have a best friend with red zone wedding fever:

– Spa Day without any freebies and anything that is not reusable.
– Film Night (only with films she loves)
– We can cook for you (according to her dietary restrictions)
– Farm Weekend (at the eco farm: must have goats)
– Gardening weekend (picking up your own food and maybe cooking it later?)
– Outdoors walks & hikes (pack a bag pack and walk few miles: vegan wine acceptable)
– Boardgames night (if you hate it don’t do it)
– Espace Room (if she likes boardgames she likes Escape Room)
– Arts & Crafts weekend (not with too much waste: perhaps ceramic class?)

Text & edition: Jagoda 

Photographs: Unsplash

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