Hang gliding in France, easy peasy lemon squeeze!

If you wish to bring adrenaline to your weekend we have the right idea for you. However, you mustn’t be afraid of heights… But let’s start from the beginning.

Hang gliding also known as delta plane is an aerial sport or “recreational activity in which a pilot flies a light, non-motorised foot-launched heavier-than-air aircraft called a hang glider. Typically the pilot is in a harness suspended from the airframe and controls the aircraft by shifting the body weight in opposition to a control frame”. Thank you Wikipedia.

If this sounds like fun to you – let me take you through the steps to this great hang gliding experience. Of course unless you are a pro-sport person and wish to learn to do this sport alone there are plenty of flying schools in Switzerland and in the nearby France. For those who’d rather be in the passenger’s seat for their first time in the sky you will choose the tandem flight with a pilot.

I had my first hang gliding experience in Annecy, which is around 1,5 drive from Lausanne, located by the lake in French Alps – perfect scenario to view from the bird’s perspective. Ok, we are ready to go let’s pack your “plane” and off we go !

Once you are dropped of at the point where everything starts (some mountain) you will be asked to help to build the hang gliding aircraft with your instructor. Those people fly maaaaany times a day and so they are not really the normal type of people who you meet in your everyday life. Their bodies run on adrenaline ! My pilot was super chatty and lively, I could even say a man with obvious adult ADHD. Well, I trusted him enough to guide us through the clouds. Back to building the aircraft.

This doesn’t take more then 10-15 minutes. What you will notice is that each step we take through the construction, your pilot will say out loud all that he does at the moment. “I am clicking the security line to this frame”, “I am attaching this to that” ” I am checking the straps and steps” etc. etc. This is what the pilots who fly tandem should always do, as this helps them not to miss any point in the routine of their job, as any mistake might cause us a lot… but let’s not even think about what IF !

Ok we are all attached and secured and our aircraft is ready to go. After a short intro to what we will do next: run off that steep edge of the mountain we are now standing on, then you keep your arms like that and never like this, and then you walk up a few steps of the ladder once we will be in the air so that your legs are fully straight and your body is in a horizontal position and then WE FLY !

The best things about the hang gliding is the feeling of FLYING ! You are as a bird attached to some wings controlled by your pilot. You are hanging in the air and feeling the wind in your face. You can look around and spread your arms and feel like a little angel or a brave eagle exploring the world from the TOP. I have to tell you that the views you will see are all that you can imagine and even better ! Everything looks so good and beautiful, like the best photos you save into your Pinterest board. And you just fly and explore, going up and down, up and down floating in the air like a bird.

You can try hang gliding in Switzerland at Hang Gliding Interlaken or Rochers de Naye Vol Libre 

Or in France at Annecy Deltaplane.

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