Zero Waste Life

What is Zero Waste Life ?

Zero waste life is a philosophy, lifestyle and approach in one. Zero waste invites to a new way of consuming goods in order to eliminate waste we produce, it aims to use everything in the process and end up with a minimal or ideally zero waste. Basically we aim to send zero waste to landfills. As we can read on the Going Zero Waste website “We reduce what we need, reuse as much as we can, send little to be recycled, and compost what we cannot”. In order to go zero waste we need to redesign and redefine the way we live and consume.
For some of us it will seem nearly impossible, and many will claim that it is indeed impossible especially when living in the city. For those who doubt that zero waste life is even close to be real I bring up an example of a true zero waster lady called Lauren Singer who proves that indeed it is very doable to have a zero waste life in the big city.

How can I start ?

When we are thinking of zero waste life it might seem like an unreachable goal. However, it is not too difficult to start at all and in order to do so you need to think of the Big 4. What is the Big 4?

1. Plastic Bags
2. Plastic Bottles
3. Plastic Straws
4. Takeaway Coffees & Drinks

Zero waste life can’t happen over night as it is a way we are used to do things that sets up how much we use and reuse. It does require a certain attitude and self-observence, but it is easier then you may think. To start with eliminate those listed above Big 4s. All that you can do in your everyday life is to have a water bottle that you reuse and take with you everywhere you go, simply refill it and never buy a plastic bottle again. When shopping refuse the plastic bags. Do not buy plastic bags, use one that is made of other material. Perhaps a cool fabric shopping bag will do best, take it with you every time you go shopping. Just keep one in your purse or bag-pack so that you are sure you won’t forget it the next time you are in the shop. When ordering drinks ask to have your coffee in your portable reusable mug. Some cafes and bars make it even a discount price for all the drinks that you can have in your own mug or cup. How awesome is that ! When it comes to having cocktails – always say NO to plastic straws, tell your waiter or server not to put it in your cocktail when you are ordering your drink.

Useful Resources

Educate yourself.
It is important that we all start consciously think of how we consume things and goods in our daily life. We have prepared few useful links that in a fun and easy way may help you to rethink your daily rituals, shopping and consumption in general.

Trash is for Tossers  
Going Zero Waste
Zero Waste Home
Jane & Simple Living 

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