Friday off with Mademoiselle B.

Known by many in the area as Mademoiselle B. the lifestyle blogger and event attender, Barbara talked to us about her work and her blogging dreams. We met with Barbara in the Luigia Restaurant in Lausanne just before the weekend started. She has a true outgoing personality with tones of energy and good vibes! At the same time, she is a very down to earth girl that we all want to be friends with. And even though when you are reading this might not be Friday exactly, this word might change it’s original meaning by the time you finish scrolling down this interview!

Les Toiles Studio: Hello! It’s Friday! How much do you like Fridays Barbara? What is your favourite day of the week actually?

Mademoiselle B: Well actually, Friday means everything to me! First, because I am off on that day so I dedicate it to my blog, and also because Friday also means  “Friday Magazine” my work, where I am a Community Manager at 20 minutes in Lausanne.

I really enjoy this day because I can already go out on Thursday night and still can enjoy my weekend afterwards, I just love it!


Les Toiles Studio: What are your goals as a lifestyle blogger? What interests you the most in blogging?

Mademoiselle B: I opened my blog 4 years ago to share my reviews on lifestyle topics and good addresses in the Romandie region, as well as around the globe. For me, it is really important to show people who I really am… by that I mean seeing me on good and bad days…perfection is boring!


Les Toiles Studio: What does blogging bring to you and what do you offer to your followers and readers on a daily basis? How do you see yourself growing in the future with the blog?

Mademoiselle B: I would love to do my blog full time but let’s be realistic, it is not that easy in Switzerland. I also want to be free to accept or refuse collaborations that I am not too sure about without being stressed out, knowing that I have all my bills to pay at the end of the month. What I offer to my community are real reviews and topics that matter to me. On top of that, I am against all these cheaters out there buying fake followers and likes… this is so sad! I am one of the few that can claim proudly that my community is real and local and is growing slowly, but surely.

Les Toiles Studio: Besides running a blog, you work as a Community Manager for 20 Minutes Friday – how do both influence one another? And what does your role as CM involve?

Mademoiselle B: I needed a job that meant really something to me, doing lifestyle in my daily job and through my blog is the perfect match! What is interesting in this mix is that I can bring my influencer point of view and experiences in some cases, it is very enriching for both sides. Although it is very clear for everyone that I have a blog, I keep it aside when I am at work.


Les Toiles Studio: What are your favourite collaborations you’ve had so far, and why?

Mademoiselle B: It is difficult to choose… They were all so different and great! I enjoy a lot when I can travel and discover new things either in Switzerland or elsewhere. For example, last year I had the opportunity to go to L’Etivaz for a special Swiss event called “La Désalpe”, I got to know one of my country’s traditions better. I felt closer to my land and have fantastic memories about that day! Last year, I also drove for the first time on a circuit near Monaco, I liked it very much. My blog brings me opportunities I wouldn’t have known about, I am very grateful for that.


Les Toiles Studio: What is your dream project?

Mademoiselle B: My dream project would be to travel around the world as a full-time job and make reviews about it 😉 Let’s keep dreaming… who knows, maybe one day!


Les Toiles Studio: What is your number one Friday night bar or restaurant in Geneva? Why is this place the winner?

Mademoiselle B: Hmm… I won’t sound like a real lifestyle blogger after that, but I really want to answer… MY HOME! Haha. I am out almost the whole week usually, going to events, meeting friends, etc. so sometimes I just enjoy settling down for a bit and relaxing at home with my boyfriend and a glass of wine. When I am out, I like to discover new places, especially in Geneva because new places are opening every week; it’s crazy! The next place I have spotted in town are Le Tabouret Bar and Le Petit Vingt-trois, not far from my place.

Thank you meeting for with us Barbara !

Special thanks Luigia Restaurant in Lausanne for hosting us!

Photography & edition: Jagoda 
Realised in Lausanne, March 2018

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