Freixenet Prosecco Time

I first discovered Freixenet Prosecco D.O.C. during an event. I was fascinated by how amazing this bottle looked like. It had this sexy shape with a lot of little squares and the light reflected beautifully in it. Now that you have this image in mind, imagine at least 20 bottles next to each other reflecting the light in a corner! Yup! That’s it! That’s the image I saw as well and fell in love with it! So I had to have it and try!

Don’t worry! I did not try it during work! Not this time! I gave the afternoon off to everybody and tried it! So definitely NOT during work time! (if we did not answer your calls, now you know why)

I must say I highly associate everything that I try and/or buy with the shape and the smell the product has. I often forget a brand name, but I always remember the packaging and the way the product was presented. Perhaps it is a défauts professionnele due to my job, but I appreciate all hard work that is put into a product and the care for details. In a way, it is a way of respect for the customer to try your best and provide a cool object. I feel that this bottle has it all, great and quite a different design of the bottle, a pretty colour combination between the yellow of the liquor inside and the beige of the labels and the black writing on the label.

In what concerns the taste, I am not able to finely describe the taste as I am not a connoisseur. I fell some floral notes and some citrusy fragrances, but to be very very honest I probably feel these because I know the taste for this Prosecco should go in this direction (label says so). I can definitely say this Prosecco is something I would definitely buy and celebrate with friends. I feel this is a great present to bring to friends’s homes when you have a dinner as it becomes a spectacular and tasty present. Definitely a top on my list of finds!

Cheers babes!

Thank you PRFact for sending us this awesome Prosecco bottle from Freixenet
Text: Magda
Images: Jagoda Wisniewska
Realised in Lausanne, 2018

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