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My grandma usually made her own soaps to wash clothes. It smelled perfectly awful and it was made of pork fat and lye and the combination seemed to do wonders on white clothes. The pieces of soap were so big that I needed both my hands to hold one. So, I can say I grew up in a very natural and bio world, while spending time at my grandparent’s in the countryside.

I am more accustomed to home-made cleaning products for the house and not for the body, but I can appreciate the hard work that goes into each new product and the ingenious way of building anything new. I am a person who likes to try anything new and becomes very curious about all innovations around me, so I really wanted to get to know the brands developed in Switzerland.

Foret Bleue was an Instagram discovery and I was immediately hooked by the gorgeous packaging. I must say I have seen a few new natural brands, but the packaging of this one blew me away. Super quality, at really correct prices and big quantities, if we are to compare to other brands.

The products I have tried are the following:


The first product I tried was the lip balm as it is also the easiest to try and as it’s so cold outside my lips are in constant need of nutrition. Unfortunately, I always have to have a lip balm in all my bags and all my jackets otherwise I risk developing a very natural, red and painful lip contour. So, I could almost say I am an expert in lip balms. I have a few favourites and usually some that are quite strong to fix my lips in case of really harsh conditions like the Blistex and I have a bunch of regular ones that I use almost every half an hour.

I must say I am not particularly fond of jar shapes of balm packaging, neither am I a big fan of using my fingers to do my lips as I often have to do it on the windy streets and it does not really come handy to stick my fingers in a jar, especially during winter. Plus, the disadvantage is that these balms get quite hard and you really need to use your nails to scrub some out of the jar. But let’s get over all that, as it’s probably a personal preference, and get to the contents of my Foret Bleue balm.

The balm smells heavenly and the consistency on the lips is just perfect: a little bit goes a long way, it is not too greasy and it gives a faint shine on the lips which I quite like in a lip balm. I also find the price (CHF 14.05) really good as the quantity is also quite big and lasts a long time.


The rest of the body has a bit of the same story as my lips – I need loads of hydration, especially in winter and even more so in Switzerland where I feel the tap water affects my skin a bit more than in other places. So, I was super excited to try something new on my skin and preferably something a bit healthier than my usual cosmetics.

The experience started quite badly as I used the butter in a hurry all the time and ended up getting dressed quickly after so. it did not really help and I still felt dry. However, when I took some time and focused on massaging the skin until the butter went into the skin, results were much better. The texture is quite oily so I recommend taking some time with it, after all, who does not like a bit of time off? The body cream does not smell very strong and has a really waxy smell in the packaging, however on the body it has a faint honey smell which does not interfere with the perfumes I wear so it was just perfect.

I love the silkiness of my skin after a few days of using the cream and I started to really enjoy the faint smell of honey. While it seems quite hard in the jar, the consistency is quite creamy and it’s not as buttery as you would think. So, it’s quite easy to take cream and apply on the body.

Me likey!


Soaps! I have a love/huge obsession relationship with soaps. I especially like the ones with some texture so when I saw soaps I say yes immediately. Solid soaps are my favourite and the new coal trend is in for me as well. I used it on the face as well and I found it quite soft on the skin and not as rough as I expected. My resolution now is to try all their soaps, but I am extremely curious about the solid shampoos they have, which I must say I have never tried.

Overall, I can say I am not yet totally convinced by all that’s bio and very natural as I don’t understand how it all happens and how it’s all made. But I am really eager to try and I feel like I get to a certain point in my life where I want to have my favourites and really love a product for years. I feel like Foret Bleue can be one of these products.

Oh, and I will for sure get some of my Christmas presents from this brand as it looks awesome, smells great and looks like an awesome brand.

I am very proud of Switzerland and all the new brands that launch around me!

Thank you Foret Bleue
Text: Magda Oltean 
Photographs: Bruno Corrêa
Realised in Lausanne, November 2017

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