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Les Toiles Studio: Hi Sara ! Thanks for meeting with us and sharing your story, but we should start our talk by saying congratulations to you ! Can you share the good news with our readers? 

Sara: I am very excited to finally be able to share my wonderful news ! I have won my very first blog award !!! I collected my Health Blog Award from the Health Bloggers Community for best “Best European Blog” on Saturday 15thSeptember in London. I was truly overwhelmed to even be nominated for this category, never mind win, as I still feel like a newcomer to the blogging scene and I am learning and improving every day.

I want to thank everyone who voted for me (more than once for some) as without that 30% I would not have even been considered by the judges. I was truly thrilled by the judges’ comments as well and I am so motivated to carry on with my A Hungry Blonde journey. Who knows what will happen a year from now?

Les Toiles Studio: Sara, let’s talk about how what we eat reflects on how are body feels and looks. Recently you, with a company of other Swiss bloggers, you took part in the social awareness campaign on body- positivism. Can you share your experience and thoughts on that with us?

Sara: Hi Les Toiles Studio! The body positivity campaign is probably the most emotional project I have ever been involved in.  One the one hand, I was delighted to be able to share my views on such a trending topic  and to work with wonderful beautiful bloggers (Nina, Angela, Barbara and Morgane) from our region and on the other hand, I was exposing a part of my life which I had not shared with anyone. It was of course also challenging to physically expose myself in a very raw way and I was very stressed out about the photo shoot on the day. Like with everything you do, once you put yourself forward on social media, you need to prepare yourself for the positive responses as well as the negative ones. I knew that our message was more important than people criticising me.  I was delighted to see other media push the campaign forward and having it in print was heart-warming. Thank you yet again to everyone who liked, commented, shared and or mentioned the project.

Les Toiles Studio: What is your approach to food in general? How did your passion for cooking developed?  

Sara: My passion for cooking started as a little girl, baking with my mum and sisters. We love our sweet treats and our Irish heritage influenced our baking style growing up. My passion for healthy living developed as I finished university, I started to learn more about nutrition and fitness and how the combination and balance of both these elements affected the human body.


Les Toiles Studio: How to eat well, healthily and not spend a fortune?

Sara: Before answering this question, you need to define what “eating well” is for you. Is it eating organic foods? Locally produced foods? Eating a plant-based diet? Eating all food groups and creating balanced meals? Living in Switzerland, it is very difficult to cut down the cost of food depending on how you want to eat. I would recommend focusing  on local, seasonal foods and if possible buying everything fresh.


Les Toiles Studio: How do you balance taste and health, as we know we are tempted with so many delicious food that isn’t necessarily good for us. Can you advise on that?

Sara: Firstly, I would like to say that no food should be considered as good or bad. Your diet should reflect your goals and your goals could be anything from simply eating nutrient dense foods 80% of the time, gaining muscle mass, dropping body fat, increase your performance in a certain sport, following a raw food diet.

To answer the question, I eat everything and I don’t ban foods. I am just simply mindful as to how I am eating. If I know I have 1 or 2 big events that week, then I will make sure that I eat a little less that day to allow myself to eat a little more throughout the event. I also enjoy working out regularly, which helps me enjoy this balanced lifestyle.

Les Toiles Studio: What is your favourite dish and why?

Sara: Oh good question….this is a very difficult question as I love food!! However, I think ceviche is my favourite as it is fresh, tangy, spicy and just simply delicious !

Les Toiles Studio: I think it is important that we become more and more aware on the quality of food we consume. We would like to ask you to share with us your favourite films, documentaries, articles or talks regarding this subject that inspired you in the past.

Sara: I was not raised to eat high processed foods, nor to rely on fast foods, therefore, never really fell into bad habits as such. However, due to certain factors, I have not gone out of my way to pick the highest quality of foods. I think that what has inspired me the most when it comes to being more aware of the food we consume, is actually speaking to other people around me and learning from them. When conversing with local producers and discovering the process and challenges they face in order to generate their products, I have begun to really appreciate what is on my plate. I also think that speaking to people with different views has opened my eyes on what we should be doing as a community to become more sustainable when looking at food.

I took part in a “no supermarket” challenge last February and I had a good feel for what it is like to eat away from your standard supermarket. I really valued the quality of the local products I was eating. It is not impossible to carry on eating like this but it means being extremely organised and at this moment in time, I am doing my best but I am in between supermarkets and local producers. I hope to discipline myself further when selecting my ingredients.

I do not necessarily have a list of favourite articles or documentaries. I would say that a good number of the documentaries I have seen are very biased and not very accurate in their facts. I would recommend you go to your local food market and speak to the producers and learn more about them, look up local butchers and bakers too !

Thank You Sara for meeting with us !
You can follow Sara’s food passion and discoveries here.

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