Is online shopping addictive?

I have a friend who buys something new every week. She mostly buys accessories because she feels she can always do something new and crazy with her outfits. She has her own style, going somewhat into a retro mixed with a modern look, which suits her very well. But I asked her one day: why this need to always buy a new item when she already has so many? Does she use them all?

And her answer was: what can I say? I am addicted!

Since then I have always asked myself if online shopping is indeed addictive or it is just an impulse buy, or even just an excuse to make yourself feel better for having spent the money. I guess we all feel bad at one point for spending too much on an item that we end up not using too much anyway. I really admire people who can refrain from spending too much or too often and do it consciously.

I think it is a bit like giving up smoking. You either do it at once or you never do it. Small steps just don’t work in this situation. And since we are very few in this category, let’s go back to our question at hand: is online shopping addictive or not?

Since accessories are much easier to purchase online because there are fewer chances of these not fitting you, the temptation is much higher as well. But I personally do not believe in any kind of addiction. I believe in will and the desire to stop when you want or purchase something that you need and will make you happy. I think looking good is an inner request and it needs fulfilment, but exaggerations of any kind have never had a good result. So, what do you say, is fashion jewellery online shopping addictive?

Text by: Magda
Realised in Lausanne, 2018

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