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I just went through a deep flu season and spent a lot of time in bed and inside. It was probably a mix of flu and spring allergies and I have noticed my eyes tearing up more than before and looking pretty red. I also went through a period when I could not put too much make up (so sorry for my work colleagues – yes, I still went to work). And I could not put it first of all because I keep using tissues for my nose or eyes, but my skin became irritated and my eyes refused any kind of mascara. It was an instant reaction: You put mascara? I tear up! (my eyes were telling me every morning)

Up until today I still cannot really use mascara, but I am back to using BB creams (foundation I rarely use anyway) and I look a bit more pleasant to look at. I can only image what my clients were saying when I tried to convince them I know what I am talking about, we can make everything look great… and I looked like crap!

So I found a middle solution: I only used eyeshadow and a little bit of lipstick to look more lively. I would never do any makeup without mascara and I feel I am completely lacking lashes if I don’t colour them a bit, but I discovered a new way of doing makeup, and I started loving it. I tried with different colours, and I feel browns and beiges gave me a natural look, but did not look weird without any mascara.

So imagine a freckled blond person, with no eyelashes and light blue eyes that stand out even more because of the eye shadow and sometimes some crazy pinks on the lips! An ideal woman, nothing else!

What I used this period was this miniature palette from Sephora with Cookie shades. 6 cookie colours that made it easy for me to combine them very fast and without it being to difficult to blend. And what was great is that it’s super small in size and you can carry it everywhere so I could touch up my makeup during the day. Without any foundation, no makeup lasts very much so during a long hot day, I had to touch up a bit to look lively again. It’s a mixture of 3 shiny colours and 3 matte ones and I enjoyed creating different looks.

Since spring has turned to be the season of experiments both in fashion and makeup, let me know what else is new and cool this season and I will try it. After being sick for so long, damn I am hot now. For anything new in fashion and makeup, for any new restaurant or terrace opened in the area and why not, I will even throw myself in the lake this year!

Thank you PR Fact Lausanne & Sephora Suisse !
Text & edition: Magda
Photographs: Jagoda & Magda

Realised in Lausanne, April 2018.

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