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I must tell you guys this spring is the season of challenges. First of all my team is stuck on me becoming an ice cream lover! As you probably know, and if you don’t, I tell you now, I do not like ice cream, I don’t understand its purpose and I probably eat one ice cream per year. The story goes like this, you eat ice cream when it’s hot to refresh yourself, but then you are thirsty after because it’s too sweet. So what’s the point? I have to try 5 different ice cream places and then decide if I still don’t like ice cream. Let’s see if they succeed!

The second challenge was when Jagoda came one day to work with a big bag of clothes. Most of them were bathing suits and lingerie. I must say I wasn’t very impressed as I don’t get to wear bathing suits too often, nor bras for that matter. During lunch she had an idea. She said she wanted me in swimwear at work for a whole week, integrated into my daily outfits and still look professional-ish.

I can tell you I am not a person who buys swimwear every summer season. This is because I rarely go to the sea in summer and I never have bathing suits on my mind. I usually go somewhere warm during the winter months and by then it’s too late to update my swimwear collection. So I have a few pieces that have been deeply sought after and I kinda stick to those. I definitely need to update my wardrobe this year as I have seen a certain 90s look for swimwear in the shops this year and I like it. Brings back great memories from my holidays with my parents. I miss the peacefulness and energy those brought back in the days. Not so long agoo, I am not that old!

So I did as she requested and tried some outfits where I integrates some of the pieces she brought. Probably some better than others but the point here was that if I don’t go out on the lake to often, I can still wear my bathing suits up and about in the city. After all, it looks like fashion nowadays permits almost anything.

So cheers to me trying some new trends this spring. It looks like this is sort of a third challenge with me trying out some stranger trends this season.

Thank you PR Fact & Tezenis ! The swimwear presented here is all from Tezenis
Text & edition: Magda 
Photographs: Jagoda
Realised in Lausanne, May 2018

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