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Today I am going to tell you a story. One beautiful story featuring one amazing woman. I personally know her and have been a client and I can say she makes me feel great every time I meet her. Since I am so infatuated with her and her amazing skill, I decided to tell you all about her!

Once upon a time, there was Eleni, a Greek (eyebrow) goddess who moved to Switzerland (and we thank the Gods for that) in 2012 with her family. Her background is in Marketing and had a few corporate roles (I guess we can tell from how awesome her entire marketing and communication around her brand  is) but has always kept eyebrow shaping as a side business. A great balance between corporate and creative life. Moving to a slightly boring and calm country made her keep only the creative side of her work and she went full time on shaping eyebrows.

And all the Lausanne nymphs were extremely happy to have Eleni over. She quickly grew her clientele and became The One to go to for brows in Lausanne. Not only is she very talented, but she sees potential and beauty on everyone’s face, as she put it herself and in today’s dramatic environment, we need more people like her. She lets brows speak to her and tell her how they should be shaped. She believes that the brow shape we were born with gives every person the best base for the shape of our face. She respects the natural shape and tries to keep it as close to reality as possible.

shaping eyebrows business

As she says, she tries to keep brows real, authentic and natural to help women reclaim their natural brows – even if they if they have been tweezing their eyebrows to the thinnest of lines. She has seen too many brow transformations to believe that its ever too late to try and get back what one was given. True beauty begins the moment we decide to be ourselves – turning 40 recently has really cemented this ethos for Eleni: real beauty, real brows.


Don’t you love her already?

We love her, she loves her job (tons of hearts flying around). She loves her job because she can make women feel better about themselves (and we all know, we need it from time to time, no matter how confident we are). Watching clients’ reactions when they look in the mirror after an appointment is priceless for Eleni. Her approach is: less is more. With the right eyebrows, women need less makeup.

“It’s all about keeping it real and being comfortable in the skin we’re in.”


So, then we asked her about the 3 most important Dos and Don’ts in brow world:

  1. Do let your brows come a little bit closer above nose
  2. Do use a good brow gel
  3. Do feed your brows if you want them looking fuller and more natural (I love nightly application of Castor Oil >Huile de Ricin< for this).


  1. Don’t over trim your eyebrows
  2. Don’t end them too abruptly
  3. Don’t trust your brows with someone whose work you haven’t seen and liked


And as the story continues, I promise to always do what she told us to (even with the damn castor oil I constantly forget to put overnight)

Eleni makes me happy and Greece makes Eleni happy! But if she had to live a different life, she’s be a florist or an interior decorator. At least we could still benefit from her skills!


Thank the Gods she does what she does! For all of our sakes out there!

Thank you Eleni !
Check out Eleni’s website & book your eyebrows-shaping appointment !
Text: Magda Oltean 
Photographs: Jagoda Wisniewska 
Realised in Lausanne, September 2017

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