Chocolate Bouquets anyone?

And I’ll start with the cliché question: who doesn’t love chocolate? Most of you will say that there is nobody on this planet who does not love chocolate. Sorry to disappoint but there are quite a few I have met that do not eat and do not like chocolate. But I guess there is plenty of ice cream and fruits for those, right? More chocolate for the rest of us!

Today is all about the ones who do love chocolate and who love others! Because today it is all about Edible Blooms and their fantastic entrance on the Swiss market. Yurana and Mark have decided to build their own business and brought an Australian franchise to Switzerland. A successful business from Australia, has just stepped into Switzerland to make our daily lives more colourful and much yummier!

And with Swiss chocolate nonetheless!

So how does this work?

Well you basically find a friend you want to love and send him a chocolate bouquet. The most beautiful bouquet and one that can last as long as you can help eating it. The occasion does not matter, anniversary, birthday, baby shower, wedding, all events can become more colourful and original. Plan 2-3 days in advance and you will show up with the pretties and most genuine present.

Give Edible Blooms a try and let us know what you and your friends think of their goodies!

So we figured that instead of writing too much, we will let you guys make one of your friends happy! Go to our Instagram account and comment and tag your best friend on our giveaway photo and we will send your friend a chocolate bouquet. And who knows, maybe we also got one for you! Since we are getting so close to Valentine’s Day, maybe you want to send one to your partner?

Stick around and who knows!

Thank you Edible Bloom for sending us these yummy bouquets! We have definitely loved our chocolate!

Images: Jagoda  Text: Magda
Realised in Lausanne, 2018

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