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As the most wonderful time of the year approaches fast, most of us get excited and ready to celebrate Christmas; that is, unless you are not one of ‘us’ … and all you really want to do is not celebrate Christmas. There is still time to decide how you will spend this time of the year while others roast chestnuts over the open fire. Last minute holidays? You say: yes please! There are plenty of travel agencies ready to receive you and help you out in this jingle bells misery. I once spent the Xmas holidays on the beach! I have no regrets on missing out on all the white Xmas time with my family. Even though it was Tenerife, and as a Spanish island they did indeed make sure there is enough of Xmas spirit; so I witnessed Santa Claus hats and Xmas palms everywhere. If you however want to avoid the Xmas time all the way through, you need to go a bit further away. First, choose your destination and read this little travel guide on places and activities that are waiting for you during the so much hated Xmas time.

Go and entertain yourself during this awful merry time!


If camels don’t remind you of the “back in the days” journey, 3 kings and shooting desert star, then that is your number one destination! You won’t hear any Xmas carols and bells jingling all over while inMorocco!
Morocco’s population is predominantly Muslim, so Dec. 25th passes as just another day. After the camel ride you can choose to spend your day at one of Morocco’s sandy beaches, take a dip and sip some mint tea! 



The majority of Thailand’s population is Buddhist and despite the fair number of Christians living in the city, Christmas is not a major holiday. Bangkok seems like a place to get lost into. Want to stay anonymous? This is the place for you! Blend into the huge, cultural melting-pot! You will definitely have a hard time finding a snowman or kiss under the mistletoe. Don’t be afraid to try some of Thailand’s specialities, explore the beautiful architecture of the Buddhist temples and take a few hours drive down south of Bangkok to stay at the beach near Pattaya.


Christmas doesn’t come once a year to the Maldives. More than 99 percent of the population is Muslim on this Indian Ocean archipelago. Instead of white snowy Xmas you can expect white-sandy holidays, but I am sure you will not mind to lie down your body dressed only in swimwear and warm up your bones on the hot sands in Maldives. Bored of drinks under the palms? Just go and grab your scuba diving gear and head below the sea level to discover all of the colours of the breathtaking Maldives’ vast coral reefs. I am sure you will not mind giving up the roast dinner and will be happy to substitute it with the local cuisine served in one of many luxuries resorts offering all you can imagine.

Photographs from the greatest free stock source: Unsplash

Text & Edition: Jagoda 

Realised in November 2017.

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