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Les Toiles Studio: Hi Silvia! Thank you for talking with us. Can you please introduce yourself and tell us why did you choose to become an interior designer?

Silvia: Hi Les Toiles Studio! I’m Silvia, interior designer and blogger. I have Italian origins and I’m currently based in Switzerland. One thing that describes me above everything else is that I’m constantly looking for inspiration. I like to find it in common everyday things and the number of photos I have on my phone is a pretty good evidence! “Why I chose to become an interior designer” is an interesting question. Looking back, I can say there has always been something about design in me, but it took me quite a while to realize it. I’ve always liked to match colours and mix shapes. As a teenager, I was constantly DIYing and moving things around in my own room to make it prettier and more organized and I carried on when I began to live alone. But at that time I didn’t even know interior design existed as a job and I chose a totally different study path. It was when I started working that I understood I was not going in the right direction. So I tried to reconnect to what I really enjoy doing and the idea of interior design came to my mind! I enrolled in design school, then opened my own blog and website and here I am!

Les Toiles Studio: Perhaps for some this may sound like a silly question, but why are the interiors of our homes and work spaces so important? Some may say these it is only furniture and it should be practical…

Silvia: That’s a very good question indeed! I strongly believe that the space around us can influence how we feel and has a huge impact on our well-being. As you rightly say it should be practical. But we all have a slightly different concept of practical, depending on our habits, and this is the starting point of every interior design project. Personal tastes also come into play, as we all prefer to be surrounded by things we like. When our personal concepts of practical and beautiful translate into the design of an interior, then we truly feel good in a space. For instance, some people need interiors with a lot of empty space and rather neutral colours whereas others feel much better in a room with plenty of colours and objects! Getting to live and work in a space that is right for us can truly make a difference in terms of serenity, productivity and well-being in general!

Les Toiles Studio: What can we do to improve the interiors of our homes, flats and work spaces at a minimal cost?

Silvia: As a general rule you first need to define what you mean by improving. Do you need more storage or seating? Or do you want to improve lighting? Or maybe you want to make a rental space more personal? Deciding this first will help you to focus on something specific and really make a difference no matter your budget! To cut on cost you can obviously choose to buy at affordable or second-hand shops. DIY is also great as it allows to personalize cheap purchases, recycle or repurpose what you already have (Pinterest is an amazing source of ideas for that!) And if you need some assistance but you don’t want to break the bank, you can always reach out to me! 🙂 Just in case you’re wondering, no, there is no shame in DIYing or purchasing second-hand. Because feeling good in a space does not depend on budget!

Les Toiles Studio: What is the first part of the house you usually start improving when you have a new project?

Silvia: It clearly depends on the project, but the living area is often the starting point. It’s where day-time is mostly spent and also where entertaining happens. Tackling that first has the power to improve the perception of the home as a whole making its occupants feel better, which is the ultimate goal of interior design!

Les Toiles Studio: Can you tell us more about your practice and what is DforDesign?

Silvia: DforDesign is my online interior design studio. As you may have understood so far, I believe that the ultimate goal of interior design is helping people to feel good in a space, no matter the budget and time they can dedicate to a project. Online interior design allows to overcome common budget and timing constraints. It provides clients with the help of a professional interior designer at an affordable price while letting them free to implement changes at the pace that best fits their schedules, so they can really get to enjoy their remodel! DforDesign is also a blog where I share design tips, latest trends and inspirations, with a focus on my favourite topics: minimalist style and sustainable design.

In short words, DforDesign is a virtual interior for us to meet, get inspired and talk about design…I’ll see you there!

Thank you Silvia for talking to us and sharing your story!

And a great thank you for Boila Lausanne for letting us photograph in their shop.

You can follow DforDesign Instagram and visit Silvia’s website to learn more on interior design.

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