Confidence à la 90s

I had a hard Monday morning one of these weeks and I felt like I didn’t want to go to work. It was pretty raining and dull and for some reasons my confidence was below regular limits. It was just one of those blue days, you know. One of those days when I wanted to be a little girl again, that mum helped dress and then went out on the street to play, without any care in the world.

Since I could not skip work and had to go about my day, I decided to be that little girl again. Can’t really climb trees on a Monday morning when I am 28, so I decided the only way to boost my confidence were clothes.

Early 90s

The obvious reaction would have been to go for the outfit I know makes me look and feel good, no matter which day, but sadly my dress was in the laundry. Having no hope (almost) I got the idea that I wanted to be a kid again and dress like in my happiest memories. And those were obviously in the 90s, at my parents’ house, without any worries, some maybe even at the seaside.

And here is what I did, tried on different outfits to find my confidence once again.

First on: denim culottes with a black body from Tezenis. Not sure, not sure yet!

Late 90s

The second option was more “in your face” because I felt like a little bit of shine will get my mood even higher. For some reason, I felt a little bit of nakedness would go a long way. Skirt, bra with a twist and a flowery jacket which I’d zip and wear closed. And I would be the only one to know what’s underneath. My confidence level became higher only because I had a secret to keep from the outside world and it felt pretty empowering.


Well, no more secrets in this third option…

What’s there to say? White jeans, colourful body and super high heels.


This exercise has helped me look at myself in different ways, starting from the confident 8-year-old girl who’d wear denim and crop or somehow funky cut top, to the hormones craziness of my teens and up to the woman I am today. I have depicted all stages of my age so far, all with its own phases and ways of thinking, but all wonderful nonetheless.

And this was when I realised I don’t need a sunny Monday morning, or fancy clothes to help me boost my confidence. I have always had it, in its various ways, and even if it seems lost sometimes, it is always there. It’s there because it does not matter how I dress, how I look like or how many kgs I have, I am a woman. What more do I need?

We, women, rule the world no? Preferably in pretty lingerie. Keep this is mind when in doubt!

Thank you PR Fact & Tenezis for the body wear!
Realised in Lausanne, April 2018.

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