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If you are in the stage of conscious shopping and would like to know where to start, we want to share with you a Vevey based boutique called BRAVO as an address to head to first! This place is located in the centre of the town, at around a 10-minute walk from the Train Station. This large shop and cafe will surprise you with its size, as it has 2 floors and a very big entrance hall. Not only it is a great space to discover local Swiss brands, but also it has a small cafe space for you to enjoy the freshest coffee and little snacks. Just in from of the coffee corner you can find a lot of local food products such as jams, oils or other goodies from the region.
Besides the food, you can of course find a huuuuge selection of ethical clothing that looks pretty good! You just need to brows through carefully. Looking for presents and gifts? No problem, there is so much to choose from that I am sure you will find something very special in Bravo shop. Bravo is a really great boutique that collaborates with makers and brands from Switzerland and neighbouring countries, so all the products are truly well-made and the people behind the brands are environmentally conscientious makers and creators.

Bravo is also a place that organises a lot of events including green-fashion shows where local brands and makers are showing their newest products on living models. One of such is the Green Fashion Show which took place back in September and it was followed by a panel of discussion on the future of clothing and how to be more conscientious shopper and why it is important for us all to realise where our clothes are made and by who.

BRAVO is located at 9, Rue du Lac in Vevey.
Open daily except Sundays:
Lundi – Vendredi, 9:00 – 18:30
Nocturne le jeudi, jusqu’à 20:00
Samedi : 8:30 – 17h
Fermé le dimanche.

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