Billie Bird new EP

Exciting news on the Swiss music scene as the beautiful and very gifted artist Billie Bird released her new EP this winter! Heard her performing for the first time during TEDx Lausanne and immediately fell in love with her magical voice and stage persona. I was surprised that I have missed her all this time and have only discovered her so late, but I am following her career since then. Billie Bird has a beautiful, calming voice you will just love to hear over and over again. If I had to clarify, I would not know what genre her music really fits in, but there is a dose of poetic sounds and lyrics, a lot of guitar mixed with electronic vibes, kept in a very melodic, dreamy atmosphere. Her ambience is so evident and romanic, she is an artist worth seeing performing live. Sadly, some of the concerts planned for this winter have already passed, but the last chance to see Billie Bird performing live is in Freiburg at La Spirale.

Meanwhile watch her newest music video and get yourself into the dreamy Billie Bird mood.

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