Best places to eat heavy wintery food in Lausanne

I am continuing the crazy wintery articles that I need to write for Les Toiles with one about food. I really hate the idea of summer gone! I am not such a big foodie as Mora is, but I really like the Swiss selection in winter. Starting with game meals in autumn and continuing with cold plates or fondues in winter, there are plenty of choices within reach. Meat and cheese are the obvious choices and possibly the only things on the menu. So, let’s see where we can get the best heavy wintery food in the Lausanne area. Again, the places have been chosen based on the usual criteria and we try to give the sincerest opinions.

Aux Trois Tonneaux

Very central located on Rue Grand St. Jean 17, 1003 Lausanne, you will need to book a table for dinner as it is usually quite full.  You should also bear in mind it is a very popular place for groups, as it has two levels and accommodates quite a lot of people. The restaurant is very popular for its meat dishes and especially for the steaks and the tartare it does. Another super famous dish, especially for group diner are the numerous fondues they do from Bourguignonne, Bressane, Vigneronne, Chinoise, to the cheese one. I highly recommend the beef tartare à volonte, which means you eat as much as you can. Prices are quite correct here. Bon app!


Le Chalet Suisse

This is a very typical and one of the most popular places in the area. It is ideal to take your friends and family out for a nice meal in a very Swiss décor, especially if they are visiting for the first time. The place has a cute little story as the entire house was built for the Expo from 1958 in Bruxelles and it was such a great success that they moved the entire building in Lausanne and it has served as a restaurant since. The classic dishes in the chalet are the beef stakes, veal tongue, veal head; it also offers a crazy selection of cheese fondues and raclettes. I must say they have the best raclette I ate in Lausanne and I would definitely recommend trying a veal delicacy, something you wouldn’t usually have. Try the tongue! Amazeballs! Prices are quite correct too.


Auberge du Chalet-des-Enfants

A place where you cannot go without booking and I would reserve it for special occasions as it is quite expensive. It is also a bit far from the city. It also offers a cool brunch, but dinners are what I would go for. A very old building and an even older 600 years old history of the place, the place is ideal for a dinner with friends or a corporate outing. Apart from all the classic dishes on the menu, it also offer a few vegetarian dishes and these are not only salads. I would recommend the awesome cold platters with charcuterie and cheese. Fondue is also great here and you have a crazy chilled view and if you are lucky you can look at cows while sipping wine and eating melted cheese.

Café Romand

Café Romand is another classical choice situated in the centre of Lausanne, near Place St. Francoise. The menu is typical for such a place, but I had the big disappointment when I went to get beef tartare and they don’t serve as I just went to a Swiss restaurant only for the tartare. Bummer! Service was not really good and the food here is quite average, but it is an ideal location for larger groups who want to have a cold meat plate and fondues.

Petit Boeuf

By far the place I love the most. It is a very small restaurant which only offers a selected meat dishes. You really need to book a spot in advance and get ready to eat awesome meat. They make a tartare to die for and they prepare it right in front of your eyes. Prices are quite good and the quality of meat is really nice. Service is fast and excellent and the people working there are used to looking sharp, chilled and to being very funny. Steaks, tartars and amazing fries, being served in a family-style, followed by a meet and greet by the chef. What more do you need?

Apart from restaurants, you have the many fairs and Christmas gatherings where they serve tons of amazing food! Really looking forward to oysters and fois gras this winter!

What’s your favourite restaurant in winter?

Text by: Magda Oltean

Edition: Bruno C. 

Photos: from the Restaurants through Google Images & Unsplash Free Bank

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