Best Cheap Bites in Lausanne

It’s no secret that life in Switzerland can be quite expensive, eating out every day is hard and heavy on the pocket and sometimes we just feel like eating good and paying fair. I mean a sandwich can cost quite a lot here, and although many times the ingredients are expensive and well chosen, the taste is not always there to make it really worth it, so it’s a double frustration.

Having said that, if you are willing to pay you can have a very nice meal in Lausanne Area.

But you really want to have a bite out and not any bite, but a really good one we decided to come up with a list of our favourite bites below the average price range of Lausanne but above the taste range, because we’re all about a cheap bite but it must be a good one!

Mauro’s Traiteur A really good Italian street food-like place. You will have delicious focaccias, fresh pizzas with a thick dough, fresh options of pasta dishes on lunchtime, delicious cannoli and tiramisu, and really fulfilling sandwiches with a price range that starts at 5 francs going up to 15, depending on you and all you want. Just by writing about it I already want to go for it!

Chez Xu (Riponne) – If you like Chinese this is the best one in town and this is the advice of a Chinese girl that studied with me. The dishes are huge and very well seasoned.  Many portions are below 15 francs. Only downside is that you have to pay with cash.

Le Charlot –  Traditional sandwich place in Lausanne, very well known, but often forgotten… It’s a very nice option for a quick bite. Ingredients are fresh and delicious, everything prepared in front of you and it’s cheaper than the fast-food chain. Options starting at 8 francs.

El Gringo Pizza  & Mexican Food Truck This one is for the late snack near Pully area. Delicious fresh pizza, thin dough, and very honest price. Starting at 10 francs. They also have a Mexican food one, pretty good, forward and excellent prices. A nice family business.

COOP CITY I know it might sound odd, but the COOP CITY restaurant located downtown has an amazing view of Lausanne (first pic of the article) and one delicious quiche plus a salad buffet. You can have both for around 10 francs. On the afternoon they have a dessert plus coffee deal for less than 5 francs and the Tarte à la Crème is really fresh and delicious.

Maharaja The Indian food truck at EPFL. I know, it’s far, but you never know when you are in the area and you want some good Indian food. Portions are good, taste is delicious and prices starting at 9 francs. If you get your recipient to put the food in, you can get yet a discount. Really good and delicious, worth the detour. By the way, EPFL has many other options of restaurants for a good price, not all memorable though. This one is a nice option for weekdays and for the weekend try their place at Avenue de France – slightly higher prices though. They also have a small restaurant in Chauderon.

Bosphore Often cited as the best kebab in town. Located behind Manor, the lines can get crazy on a Saturday but every bite it’s worth it. Really well seasoned and with a good tasting meat. A piece of the indulgent heaven for around CHF9,00.


So here it is, for now, these are our favourite delicious and affordable options, but we will keep you posted about it. And how about you, what are your favourites cheap bites in the area?

Pics: from the respectives websites, google images & Unsplash (for cover)

Text & Edition: Bruno Corrêa

Realised in Lausanne, October 2017

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