Best Burgers in Lausanne Region- Editor’s Choice

Eating a burger everyday is probably not the healthiest decision. Tempting for my stomach, not so much for my arteries. But, a burger a week ? It’s my life motto. They are so simple yet so delicious. I have eaten so many burgers in my life, I think I became an expert in the matter. The list could go for years. But, for now, let’s focus on Lausanne. I was happily surprised when I first arrived to Lausanne. It is a small city but the burger options are quite large. Check out the list (and mouthwatering pictures) made by yours truly :

The Great Escape

I didn’t expect a place where people usually go to have drinks had such good burgers. But, following the advice from WWMS, I went. And, I don’t regret it. They have a pretty large choice of burgers, but I went for the classic. And, what’s a burger without the fries, right? These  definitely hit my top 5. Everything was so tasty, so delicious, so perfect.

The only down is that if you go in the evening, you might have to wait a few minutes for a seat. But, the burgers make worth the while (and the fries too).


Small but cozy, Inglewood has probably one of the best burgers in town. All products are local and fresh. They do a “burger of the month” to spice things up. Raclette cheese in a burger? Yes, please. It’s my go-to place on a rainy Saturday.

Holy Cow

Holy Cow is definitely my safe choice. When I don’t know what to eat but I know I want something juicy, comfortable, tasty, I go to Holy Cow. The burgers are good but the fries take the prize. Overall, you can never go wrong with Holy Cow.

Zoo Burger

The inside of the place is nothing special. But, the terrace outside makes you feel you’re in a garden in Brooklyn which is pretty cool. I ordered a classic burger (I know, so boring…) and it was good. The meat is really good and tender. The highlights of this place are definitely the fries and the bun. So yummy.


Located in Flon, the Sultan Burger is to die for. The meat is absolutely delicious. The perfect cooking, the perfect tenderness, the perfect taste. It tastes exactly like an american food meets turkish food on a burger. And I love them both ! If you’re in Flon, don’t miss this fusion burger.

Blackbird Coffee & Breakfast 

You know when it’s been forever since you wanted to try something and you get your hopes up? Exactly what happened to me with this burger. And, it was even more good than I expected. It was a great day, guys. A bread with character and a perfectly cooked meat, this burger won’t let you down.

The fries, on the downside, not the best. But, we won’t be too upset about it. The main character of the scene does a pretty damn good job.

Cheeseburger from Blackbird, you have my heart and soul and belly and most importantly, my Instagram likes.

Text and photos by: Mora

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