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We all know that washing hair too often leads to having to wash it even more often as it becomes greasy and impossible to arrange to look reasonable. So we all try to find ways to add an extra day between washes. If you are working in an office and keep your hair touched and arranged every day, you can get away with adding an extra day between washes. The common practice is to wash it twice, three times a week and the day before washing it again to keep it touched in a pony tail or put a hair accessory in it if you are a girl and perhaps for me the practice is to add some hair product and give it a new style.

I am sure there is no surprise for anybody when it comes to hair products, that for some time now we have this awesome invention called dry shampoo. Which has literary changed lives! Of many, many girls out there, I am sure!

I started using dry hair shampoo about 8 years ago when I discovered a spray in the pharmacy which was still patent pending and since, I have been a loyal customer. Years after, we have a much wider choice of products and a much better selection and I am happy to try a brand new dry shampoo for me: the Batiste dry shampoo – cherry!


The first thing I was ecstatic about was the design. It has a vintage look and feel (and you all know how much I love vintage), it is pretty colourful and I feel it matches very well with the soft sweet aroma it leaves behind when you spray it. It kind of refreshes your scalp and really gives you that “after-wash” sensation. It is not a shampoo that you use and wash off, let’s be clear, so it cannot really be giving you an identical sensation to actually washing your hair. But it does its job very well. It gives some more volume to your hair, takes away the damp look of your three-days-after-wash hair and adds an extra day between washes.

I usually apply the spray in the morning of the day when I know I’d wash my hair in the evening, and prolong the break between washes for an extra day. Which is awesome when you have blond thin hair, with a high tendency to get greasy quite quickly. I’ve always felt my natural colour (the blonde I have now) shows much faster when it gets dirty. And since I have decided to really give up dying my hair for a good while, due to lack of time to dye it every three weeks (my hair grows very fast), I did not want to replace dying my hair with over-washing it, if you know what I mean!

In conclusion, I am a high consumer of dry hair shampoo, I don’t abuse it, but it has given me comfort and my hair looks great for a little bit longer. As it comes packaged as a spray, it is pretty easy to use, you just take the roots areas, separate the hair, and spray on the roots from a 30cm distance so you don’t add too much product. You do so in the front, back and sides and in a couple of minutes you look freshly washed. You then brush your hair or massage the product on your scalp a bit (if you have time, which I never have) and finish off with the styling of your desire. I am still testing my Batiste spray so I can compare it to my regular ones, but I can say, from a few times of using it, I am in love! Ohh and the smell!!

You can find Batiste in Manor for under 10 CHF and a spray lasts for a good three/fours months in my bathroom cabinet, with using it once or sometimes twice a week. So pretty much a bargain if you ask me, for the usage it gives me. Oh and it’s vegan so everyone can use it! pretty cool no?

And a new trend for me, I start carrying with me everywhere I go!

Thank you Contcept for sending us this cherry awesomeness!

Text: Magda Oltean
Photographs: Jagoda  & Magda
Realised in Lausanne, April 2018

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