Backpack essentials – Hiking in the Swiss Alps

Exploring the Swiss Alps is one of a kind experience! There are many different routes you can take in many different places in the Swiss Alps. Choosing a right level for your abilities and your time is essential. If you still wonder about what route to go for this summer you can check our past article in which we selected some of our favorites hiking paths in Switzerland.

Before you head off to explore the Swiss Alps, you need to pack your rucksack! In this one-minute guide we have prepared all you need to take with you when thinking of going to explore the Swiss Alps. Despite the weather conditions on the level zero – remember to take something warm with you even if the sun is in full shine at the start of your trip.

Have a great HIKE !

The perfect daypack consists of and should have enough space for:

A water bottle with drinking water. Here a classic SIGG bottle.

A second T-Shirt. Here, a merino wool T-shirt by Emyun.

A map or guide book with walking paths to keep you on the right track. Here a Lonely Planet guide.

A jacket in case of bad weather and rain. Here a Lowe Alpine jacket.

Chocolate, healthy snacks and a fruit for boosting your energy levels up.

A small pocket knife.

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