Artishow Lausanne

There is a new bar in town!

Oh yeah and we are happy! And this one has the potential of becoming one of my go-to places! I have already been once and forgot to leave and go home, so I am on a pretty good roll. I don’t spend so much time in Lausanne and when I do, I don’t want it to end. I get to discover new places, meet new cool people in town and enjoy the city in a different way, other than just work and business. Plenty of good options for that as well.

And the best part of this place is that it incorporates an art gallery (a place that you can also rent and do pop-ups or various events) and it gives me a New York vibe, one that I feel Lausanne has been eagerly waiting for. I guess since I just returned from New York I tend to see it everywhere! But the feeling is real! This place looks cool and has a new concept for Lausanne.

This place is pretty awesome, you get to enjoy really good coffee during the day and a selection of good drinks during the evening. In terms of food, they collaborate with Takinoa and get some menus from them, which is great as we all tend to move onto a healthier diet and eat better, or at least I hope people do (save the Planet people and be more eco friendly, every little bit counts). Another cool feature of the concept is the decoration. Plants are the highlight of the decoration and they are all for sale!!!! So, if you fall in love with the decoration, you can actually go home with it. Which I did and now our office has a pretty new plant! The plant selection changes every week so hurry up and get yours!

I feel this place will get a really cool crowd and they will become the next place to be in. They have a mini terrace in from so take advantage of the still warm weather and hang out with your friends!

Have you been yet?

Oh and did I mention they have pasta straws?

We highly recommend Artishow Lausanne for a good night out in the city.

Photographed and edited in Lausanne, October 2018

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