All you need is love, but what is love ?

The red-heart day has arrived. It is all about the most beautiful feeling of them all, one that has been described in an uncountable number of poems, songs, books, movies, video clips, speeches, in fashion, basically and literally in any art form out there… We can call it the most discussed subject of all, one that never tires us. At the end we all dream about love and be loved in return.

And I could end up right in here and let you all go to join your loved ones celebrate your successful relationships in the right way (^^) or join other singles gents or all the single ladies for a romantic (or NOT) movie session after a good glass of wine and sweet (or salty) popcorn. What I am trying to say is: there is not a wrong way to celebrate this day.

Coming back to the subject of love… I keep thinking however, how hard it is to actually find the right definition of this mysterious feeling. Though it can be expressed in so many ways !

Exactly for this reason, to celebrate many definitions of love , we have asked some of our Les Toiles Studio friends to share with us and with you all their own definitions of love. We simply asked them one question: What is love for you?

OK, now check out what love means or is for our friends ! And remember that whatever and however love reaches you, there are people and things that love you in return ! Happy February 14th !

You saw:

Laura Penn
Morgane & Luca – The Blondie Diary
Sofia Clara 
Magda & Dan – Minthical 

Birgith –  MsB Lifestyle 
Ellen Kosher – Whealthness
Luciana Monin 
Eleni – Eyebrows 
Miriam Ramp – Currently Wearing 

Thank you all of our lovely collaborators who answered our love question and shared their answers with us and our readers !

We wish you all loads of LOVE !

Text & Editing: Jagoda
Realised in Lausanne, February 2018

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