All The Warm Wishes

We would like to take the opportunity to send some warm wishes to our readers and supporters ! It has been a good year and we want to thank you all who followed us through it and visited our website and social media channels. Every visit, every click, every like and comment means a lot to us and we wanted you to know that.

2018 Highlights ….

The best part of our collaborations this year were connected to meeting local people who actively show their creativity in whatever they do. Our best time is to discover local makers and share their stories with you, spreading the good vibes around and learning about the real people behind the brands, places or products. In our top this year was to meet personally with Diana Rikasari, who recently moved to Switzerland, her positive and true colourful energy was very contagious ! This year we also met lovely mum and daughter duo Ashley and Luna, who run the travelling blog Luna Guide To Travel. We had a great time meeting these two and spending some quality time exploring our local woods in Lausanne. Later on in the year, we have also met the food the blogger Sara with whom we had a nice food chat. We visited Sara in her garden and managed to capture a small part of her everyday life in the veggie garden. Shortly after followed our awesome visit at the Surface, where we had a chance to experience the sensory deprivation tank. We met Vincent, the owner of Surface, who talked to us about the benefits of floating in the tank – you should try it if you have not yet!

It was a good year and we are really glad that we had a chance to experience all of these amazing moments with local makers and creators. Thank you all for being part of Les Toiles Studio it was an awesome journey !

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About the Author : Jagoda

Jagoda takes & makes photographs talk to you! She loves to meet new people, ask weird questions, explore new places, make photobooks & read science books. With a curious mind, she takes care of our research & interviews, and once she decides to meet you, she will definitely want to photograph you!

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