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Loving to have some proper art on your walls, but can’t afford the big investment? Any good art, like any good wine can be expensive. Well, someone’s unique talent and hard work have to come with a price, that we don’t doubt. We often wish to find something original and outstanding to decorate our house, but struggle to find those unique pieces that will match with your taste and wallet size. This only leads to random paintings from IKEA or CASA that I often see at people’s houses (no names here). It’s in good taste not to discuss taste, but come on… There are so many amazingly talented artists, illustrators, sculptors and photographers who would be over the moon to sell you some of their work. We just need to know about them !

If you are into classic or more abstract expressions on the subject of erotism, I have the right artist work for you. Kinky, funny and not vulgar, but still quite straightforward with this French finesse – Petites Luxures. 

These one of a kind illustrations are made in Paris. Described by its author as minimal erotic illustrations originated on Instagram, with time these have gained enough popularity. If you really love some of this illustrations that usually come in 50 – 70 numbered copies per drawing, you need to keep an eye on the Instagram account to know when one of those will be for sale. They are being sold out quite fast once released. It is always worth contacting the author directly via email for special request.

Almost a year ago we have met with Gang of Freyja , run by Juliette, a Swiss paper artists based in Geneva. Her creations inspired by nature: plants and animals always hold some spiritual meaning. As described by the artists herself, her work is in harmony with the craft values and she is a slowness enthusiast. You can expect new, small collections of fresh art made of paper and other elements updated 3-4 times a year, in limited edition and entirely made in her studio. These pieces are so original and authentic, holding meaning and carrying a story, that will bring a new original element into your home.

For all of us who can’t afford Sotheby’s, there is a relatively new online art market called Twyla which has a lot to offer. From photography prints to original artists paintings, all with a high range of prices and sizes. It’s worth checking out if you are aiming for something more established. This is a site where you might spend more time browsing through, but I am sure you will eventually find the one and only art piece that fits both your wall space and won’t crash your bank statement.

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