A traditional Romanian Easter celebration

A few days passed since Easter and I have always felt Easter is a combination between lot of chaos, but also a lot of great moments. First of all, Easter has this tricky way of never falling in the same day so you have to be ready for a colder Easter, as this year was in April, or a nice and sunny one in May like during the other years. Then you also have this crazy separation between Orthodox and Catholic Easter dates. There is always a week in between these two. As I work in Switzerland, Easter falls on the Catholic dates, however as an Orthodox Romanian Easter falls one week later. So how does one celebrate, while also having to work? I cannot change the Swiss bank holidays I am supposed to follow, but also cannot stay away from my favourite family holiday.

So then I figured I should just stay away from work for 2 weeks and celebrate twice. Why wouldn’t I have tons of red eggs and lamb? It’s all perfectly delicious and I am quite fond of Easter food. Then, I also get to decorate the Easter table a few extra times, so what’s wrong with some extra prettiness. Have you seen the shops lately? Where would the amount of rabbits go to if I did not celebrate twice?

I love rabbits: real,plush, wood, paper, sugar or chocolate ones. They are all so cute! A very common habit in Romania is the Easter Bunny who brings presents to little kids, as I also consider myself. It usually comes charged like Santa with tons of sweets and games and as a kid I used to love this part. It skips games as one grows older, but sweets are still coming. Do you think the Easter Bunny can also fly like Santa’s reindeers? Or it just hops its way from house to house? I wonder…

After sweets, we get to eat at least 5 or 6 times a day. I mean, every time someone pops in the house, boom, the table is ready once again and we all eat again. To be fair, we do fast for about 6 weeks before Easter which means we have no animal products for 6 weeks. So when we are finally unleashed, we dine 5 times a day. How else would we catch up on eggs and meat? Oh and there are a lot of eggs and meat for Easter. And spring onions and radishes, as this is supposed to be their season. And then we move on again to various sweets and delicious cakes.

I will let you catch a glimpse of the holiday. The most important aspect is that families really get together and celebrate. It has become less about Religion, but it is turning more into a long-awaited family gathering, when those living abroad and those living in other cities, come together at their parent’s places and eat and laugh together.

Text & Images: Magda

Realised in Romania in April 2018 during the Easter holiday

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