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It’s not that often that we get the chance to see a blogger evolving like Morgane from The Blondie Diary. Online since 2011, Morgane has a great connection with her readers, always truthful to herself and down to earth, she shares her lifestyle and choices in a truly “girl next door” way. And now it all became more intimate as this year she shared some big news announcing her pregnancy. We wanted to know how was she feeling about this moment and also to grab the opportunity to photograph Morgane in this special moment in a very picturesque location thanks to the Hotel des Trois Couronnes in Vevey.

LT: Croissant or baguette?

Morgane: Obviously, baguette. Although, with the pregnancy, I would say both! 😉

LT: How do you see your blog evolving in the upcoming future?

Morgane: The blog is always going to be a lifestyle blog. But, with a new section for babies and maternity. I have recently added this section Thebabydiary, that is working really well. Even though I don’t have much experience as a mom, I want to talk about my pregnancy and maternity journey, share my feelings with my community and give some tips that could help or inspire other moms. 

LT: What are your favorite activities when you are not blogging?

Morgane: Right now, because of the pregnancy, I’m going to say sleep 😃 But, off pregnancy, I really enjoy to walk around town, travel and spend times with friends. 


LT: What inspires you the most and where you do take your inspiration from?

Morgane: Instagram is definitely my go-to platform for inspiration. We find everything there: from looks to recipes, to decoration and personal stories. I really love Instagram! 

LT: What in your opinion makes a good blog to add to your reading list? Do you personally follow any blogs and if so can you share some of your favorite ones?

Morgane: I need to feel and see the authenticity. I need to virtually bond with the blogger and imagine that she/him could be my friend. They have to be approachable and truly have something different. I follow lots of blogs. Here are some: Andy Torres Stylescrapbook , Marion Fringe and frange, Alexandra – Lovely Pepa

LT: What do you think about Switzerland’s blogging scene and how do you think it is going to evolve in the upcoming future?

Morgane: The blogosphere is huge for such a small country like Switzerland. There are numerous fashion blogs but we can also find about anything and everything which I think it is really cool! I feel there is room for everybody, each one has a different style and different readers. For example, when we go to events, I usually meet with the same bloggers and we really get along!


Thank you, Morgane!

Special thanks to Hotel des Trois Couronnes

Photographs: Jagoda Wisniewska 

Interview & Edition: Bruno Corrêa 

Realized in Vevey, 2017

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